Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12

I don't know what came over me this morning. Maybe it's all the sleep I got from falling asleep before 9:00! Or, more than likely, it's the fact that I'M ON VACATION!!! Whatever it is, I was in full-on Mommy mode and actually made breakfast. I know, I know, most of you do that every single day. But, around here, neither Stud nor I are morning people, so his breakfast is usually a bagel w/cream cheese, or a couple of Nutrigrain bars, or whatever else he can eat in the car on the way to school. Me? I usually grab a fiber bar and yogurt, and then eat them once I get to school. If I'm lucky, I'll have time to stop for coffee on the way, too.

Anyway, after Stud came upstairs this morning, he crawled into bed with me to cuddle and watch Little House on the Prairie. A little while later, he decided he was hungry and asked me to make him some eggs with cheese. Well, not only did I make him some eggs with cheese, I made some yummy turkey bacon to go with it. I also had some cut up fruit (cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapple) and yep, those are cheese grits! And, no, that's not a pot of very weak coffee, it's a pot of raspberry tea for Stud. This picture still makes my mouth water, and we finished breakfast an hour ago!

I mentioned the other day that my Bestest Friend and I had a date yesterday. We went to see Straight, No Chaser!!! Woo hoo!! You might remember me sharing my obsession last year, about this time. If not, you can go here, or here, or here, or here!

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the marquee at the Chicago Theater, where they were performing. Bestest Friend and I tried about 10 times to get a cute picture of ourselves. This was the best of the bunch.
I tried to get a few photos of the inside of this beautiful theater. This is above the stage.
To the left of the stage.
To the right of the stage.
I should have stood up and turned around to get the back of the theater, but I forgot. :(

There were two other bestest friends sitting next to us. After watching us trying (unsuccessfully!) to take a self-portrait, the one friend offered to take our picture.
I wish I had known that SNC was going to encourage the audience to take photos and video. I would have cleared my memory card. I did manage to get a few songs recorded. Let me apologize now for the crappy quality of the picture. I have a very basic (cheap!) camera, and I had to zoom all the way in, since we were in the balcony. Try to maybe close your eyes and focus on the singing. Although, thanks to my camera, that's not the greatest quality, either. Sorry...

This was their opening number. I didn't realize they were starting, so by the time I got the camera going, the song already started.

I forgot to zoom in before they started this one (my crappy ass camera won't let you zoom while videotaping, only before) but it's one of my favorite songs, so I just taped it as is.

I LOVE this one!!! I believe it's one of their originals.

This was always one of our favorite Christmas songs when we were kids. Somehow, we got a copy of it (on a cassette!) and we played it all the time. It's also REALLY one of my daddy's favorites. A few years ago, after I first figured out how to download music and burn CDs, I searched for this, along with some of my daddy's other favorite Christmas songs, and made him a Christmas CD. SNC does a really cute version of it.

This was a silly medley they did of theme songs from different cartoons.

A pretty major storm has been going on outside since last night. It was raining most of yesterday, and at some point last night, it changed to snow. Winter Storm Warnings scrolled across my TV all night. I see my weather widget is still in red, too. I really want to share some video of the storm with you, but seriously, Blogger takes so damn long to post pictures/videos, I just don't have the patience right now. (I just checked, and I started this post over an hour ago!)

I've got the upstairs oven on (just took cinnamon rolls out, yum!) and I think I'm going to get a jump on my holiday baking. I'm actually contemplating turning the downstairs oven on, as well, and really go to town!


Jason, as himself said...

Wow! It sounds like your vacation if off to a fantabulous start, from real live breakfast to a fun night at the theater!


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness! The breakfast looks fantastic. YUM! : ) I laughed about your regular breakfasts. That is exactly what happens at our house too.

What a great start to your vacation! Have fun!

jlo said...

Chicago is such a great city! Lucky you...I still have one more week of school. Breakfast looks delicious!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You had me at cheese grits.
Glad you got to see your fave band much fun!

C said...

that theatre looks antique! it must be old, its sure beautiful!

everything looks so yummy on the breakfast plate except the turkey bacon, sorry sistah... but i love me some grits, first had them in ozark, ala when we lived there. i like them wiff butter, salt n peppa...

so you are on vaycay? wow a nice long one... you need it and deserve it.

and im glad you are finally gettin the snow you wanted.

wish we lived closer, we'd love to get togedder... for sum christmas cheer!