Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wait, what was the point of this blog again?

Oh, yeah, school! OK, I've been downloading freakin' pictures for over an hour and a half. I HATE putting pictures on here because it takes so damn long!! As a matter of fact, I've only put about a third of the photos I planned to post, cuz I can't take it anymore. I'll come back tomorrow and post the rest. I figured out a while ago that Blogger posts photos in reverse order, so I've learned to post them in the opposite order from how I want them posted. I was working backwards from the pictures I took today, and had planned to go back to the beginning of February. Maybe tomorrow... Be sure to click on each picture to enlarge it, so you can really get all the details (AKA cuteness!!)

On the 100th Day of School, we put together a Word Worm with 100 words that we can read.

In March, I always have my babies make these lions and lambs for my March board. There were still a few drying, which is why the board looks a little bare.

As we do every year, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. The hats came out really cute this year!
The babies are in the library in these photos. I was hoping to give you some idea of how sad our library is at the Hell-Hole. It's so small for a school library!

It isn't much bigger than a regular classroom.

Our librarian has been working really hard to get us some new books, but there's still a long way to go!
The books that are there look pretty good, though, right? Yeah, that would be cuz the kids aren't allowed to check them out!!!
Ah, but we DO have a big screen TV!! Of course! That's cuz the entire library curriculum is watching cartoons! I requested that they at least watch a Dr. Seuss movie on this day.

We made some Valentine people back in February. (I realize this is out of chronological order, but it's just too much of a pain to move it!!)
My girls are obsessed with these links! We take them out during math centers, and inevitably, they always use them to make jewelry. Oh, and crowns!!
Look at how they put them on their ears!! Ouch! They insist it doesn't hurt, but I don't know...
This is from a while ago (I think the date stamp says 2/19/09?) but I took the picture because it was so damn cute. It's a page from one of the babies' journals. When I was asking about the picture, I said, "Oh, is that the snow coming down?" referring to those squiggles. He said, "No, that's God, and he's sending down snow angels!" How freakin' cute is that!??
This was from the same day. This is Twin Boy's journal entry from that day. I could not stop laughing at this because it's a self portrait, and he drew himself so perfectly! He has a green coat, with a hood, and unfortunately, he usually has a sad face. :( But, if you ask, he'll say he isn't sad.
This is an actual note that I received from a parent. Um, WTF? Did somebody snack on the bottom of this paper, or did you pull it out of the garbage? And, apparently, she still doesn't know my name, despite the fact that her child has been in my room since September 5!!!
I couldn't resist taking this picture. This little darling always falls asleep during rest time. This day she somehow fell asleep with her legs up in the air!! How cute is she?! OK, this was exciting!! At some point, either at the beginning of this year, or the end of last year, we were told we could order some "stuff" for our classrooms. I vaguely remember ordering these electronic learning toys. Well, imagine my surprise when a BIG box of things was delivered to my room last week. The babies went ape shit nuts!! They were enthralled for nearly an hour and a half! And, they shared like little angels, working in pairs, with NO fighting, NO yelling, etc. I couldn't help but take their pictures.

OK, this was today. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I always buy this mylar garland to make these "Leprechaun Prince and Princess Crowns." The babies always love them, and this year was no different. They left those things on ALL DAY!

Damn!! According to the time stamp, I started this freakin' post at 7:48, and it's now 10:21! Perhaps this is why I've been so sucky at updating lately.... Night night!


M said...

Thanks for posting the pictures...even it it is such a pain! I always enjoy seeing other K classes....very, very cute kids!

Loved the note from mom- I once got a note that said, "Please excuse XX from school yesterday. I was having trouble with my life."- Okay then-just say it like it is!

Happy St. Pat's Day!

C said...

awww, kids are so frikkin cute at that age, arent they...
all the photos appear warm and cozy, too.

was the bar busy for st. paddys?

are you peeing green still?



C said...

oh and PS...
congrats on your win!


Anonymous said...

just had to drop by and check up on ya. read your last few posts, well done s.m. on the hair shaving front. he looks so cute.
wonderful post on the kids and your classroom. you deserve a lot of praise for your dedication. they are lucky to have you and your caring. it warmed my heart.

Ed said...

Hey there...
You can drag the pictures once they load on your page to the the correct place and order that you want.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great update....I always loved the Dr. Seuss days. Well, when my girls were in elem. Not sure if I had them????
I can't remember that far back.

Pissed Off said...

Nice pics--I'm always afraid to post pictures of the kids.

Anonymous said...

So I think that they put E-Niner in a kindergarten class at his new school. (Since it's a therapeutic school the grades don't matter as much as the mix of kids.) ANYWAY. In his IEP, they said they were going to make special accommodations for him on tests -- like DIEBELS -- and I about busted a gut when I saw that word on paper. I know ALL about that test, thanks to you!

BTW, your kids are so CUTE. I love your class.

Marissa said...

Cute pictures. Makes me wish I was back in elementary school. Those were the best days of my life.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

awww too cute!! Love it!

Bon Don said...

Everytime I see these pictures it makes me want to take out the construction paper and make stuff!!! So cute!

Katy said...

They're so CUTE! I just want to eat them up! And, um why can't they check the books out of the library? Why would there be a library the kids can't check books out of? That makes no freaking sense!

Mrs. V said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

karengberger said...

Your babies are BEAUTIFUL. You are a blessing to them, and I get the feeling they are to you, too. God bless you!