Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man...

Magnum tried to go to work today, despite me telling him last night that he should consider staying home, thanks to the snow we had coming.  He left about a half hour earlier than usual today, and about 2 1/2 hours later, he walked back in the door.  He said it just wasn't happening today.  (For my local friends, after TWO HOURS, he only made it to 294 and Ogden!!)  The one downside to his "new" job (yes, it's still "new" until he hits his one-year anniversary. :D ) is the commute.  He drives about an hour to an hour and a half each way.

Now, I know I've mentioned a couple times lately that Magnum has been under the weather.  He STILL isn't feeling well.  I'm about 95% certain (after much internet research, and consulting a few friends in the medical field) that he has mono.  It's going on 2 1/2 months since he first got sick, and it's getting ridiculous now.  Naturally, he won't go see a doctor (partly because we currently have no insurance) so we won't really ever know if it's mono or not.  I guess that's fine, since mono is viral, and there's nothing they can do for it anyway.  The only real treatment is REST, which he refuses.  When he came home today, I was hoping he'd get back into bed, even though I knew he'd be working all day.  (One NICE thing about this job is that he can work anywhere he can get online.  The downside to THAT is - he works about 20 hours a day!)  Instead of trying to get some rest, he bundled up, and started the new snowblower!  Argh!  (I thought I had mentioned it when we bought it, but I see I didn't.  With this CRAZY winter we've been having this year, we finally broke down and bought a snowblower.  I'd say we've been getting our money's worth so far!)

He did our driveway, Jean's driveway (my 89 year-old neighbor), and the sidewalk from in front of her house, across our house, and in front of the other neighbor's house.  Then, we went to his parents' house.

Um...yeah...I took these pictures of him from inside the warm truck.  He wouldn't let me help him, and made me get in the truck to wait for him. 

He went across from one neighbor's house to other here, too.

Then, we went to MY parents' house.  They're still in Florida, by the way.  They absolutely picked the perfect time to get out of Dodge!

For the third time, he did the sidewalk across three houses.  Then, he went across the street and did THAT neighbor's driveway as a favor to me.  (That neighbor sometimes beats me to it, and does my parents' driveway with his snowblower.)

Just when he thought he was finished, and could go home and rest, I very selfishly asked if we could stop at Bestest Friend's house.  (You may remember, she only lives a couple blocks from my parents' house)  I was going to do it myself, while he sat in the warm truck and rested.  And, truthfully, I was hoping to finally get a chance to play with our new toy.  Well, naturally, once we got there, he wouldn't let me do anything.  Well, ok, I was able to shovel her walkway to her front door, and her front stoop before he could stop me.  Then, I went back to the truck. =)  Again, he did the sidewalk, neighbor to neighbor.

After finishing SIX driveways, and many yards of sidewalk, we stopped for gas and hot chocolate on the way home.  What do you think happened as we were at the gas station?  Yep, it started snowing again!!  Mother Nature can be such a bitch. :-/

Thank you, honey, for all you do.  This goes out to you!