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Feeling a little down on your luck?

These people probably never will again!

Thanks, Vodka Mom!

Email of the Day

BP's Final Attempt

Thanks, Ed, that was cute!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I have never been MORE jealous in my entire life!!

I'm moving to Japan! Hey, dkuroiwa, start looking for me on your doorstep! ;-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A big fat...


Trust me, this news is almost as shocking as Lance Bass announcing he's gay...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I just discovered...

...this freakin' hilarious show. Have any of you been watching The Marriage Ref? Oh my hell!! How did I miss this? I've been pissing in my pants for over 2 hours now! This show is pure gold!!

I've been trying to find things to distract me from my anger, which has in NO way dissipated since yesterday. If anything, it's grown. But, I'm really not ready to write about it just yet, as I'm afraid I'll literally blow up Blogger with the number of f-bombs that I would surely be dropping.

So, in the meantime, I'll be watching the entire season of The Marriage Ref between tonight and tomorrow. Join me, won't you?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy Hat/Hair Day

My little buddy, CS, didn't want to stay at school today. He was embarrassed by how cool his mom did his crazy hair. Check it out:

She did a reverse mohawk, then did a stripe down each side. Then, she dyed the 'stripes' with Kool-Aid, of all things, but it doesn't really show up in the photos. It took a little convincing to get him to stay. He kept saying he looked silly, but then I reminded him that he didn't look any sillier than me!
Apparently, I was right, cuz he stayed! This was the only other baby to come with crazy hair. How cute is she?
This was my absolute FAVORITE crazy hat ever!! This little darling made this hat with his mom. Isn't it just the best?!
I mean, seriously!? Did you see the braid they attached to the back!? Too cute!!
These little cuties came in hats, as well.

The white stuff you see all over their hands and tables is shaving cream. They LOVE when I bring it out. I write different things on the table in front of them, and if they can tell me what it is, they get to smoosh and play with the cream. What they don't realize is that they are giving my tables a nice deep cleaning at the same time. In the beginning of the year, I start out with just letters, then move on to words. Once everyone at the table smooshes their word around, they cover the whole table with a layer of shaving cream, then write in the cream. It a great way for them to practice their writing without using paper and pencil. (Suz, think of all the trees this saves!) When the foam starts to fade away, we get wet rags and wipe the tables down. Voila! Clean tables! And, as a bonus, the room smells awesome.
Stud came to school with me today. Many of my coworkers have been asking about him, so I thought today would be a good day to bring him for a visit. I had already made arrangements with New Principal to leave early today because Stud had an orthodontist appointment. He got his braces off!! Woo hoo! Anyway, I'm glad he came. Everyone was so happy to see him. Some of them hadn't seen him in quite some time, and they were amazed at how much he's grown and matured. I think I've mentioned before that when he was in grade school, his school bus used to drop him off at the Hell-Hole at the end of the day, so everyone there got to know him well. They think of him as one of their babies. It's always heartwarming, as his mom, to see how they react when they see him. There were LOTS of hugs and kisses given today at the Hell-Hole. :)
Today was a loonngg day, though. The orthodontist took a while. I had promised Stud this morning that when we were done, I'd take him somewhere for Beef Stroganoff. But first, I had to make that Walmart run for Hershey Kisses. Well, as we pulled into our parking spot, it started raining, so we made a mad dash for the store. Then, we ended up running into some old neighbors, so we were there longer than we intended. The whole time we were there, we could hear the roll of thunder outside.
We were both STARVING by the time we left. We went to our favorite Polish/Lithuanian restaurant for dinner (which was AWESOME, by the way, even though he ended up not getting the beef stroganoff) and the storm continued. I met CSJ at the grocery store about 1/2 block from the restaurant so he could get Stud, and just as he was coming out of the store, the skies really opened up. It was raining so hard, I could hardly see. I actually picked him up at the door and drove him to his car, while Stud jumped out and stood with the shopping cart, so that CSJ could drive his car back to the door to load his groceries into the car. It was raining THAT hard! The parking lot was already starting to flood as I left the store. Thankfully, I was only about 6 blocks from home.
I'm certain there's water somewhere in my basement, but I'm too tired to even go look. There's nothing I can do about it, so I'll just wait until the storm stops. In the meantime, I guess I'll go stuff my goodies bags with Hershey Kisses....

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Gifts to You

At the end of every year, I give my babies a little goodie bag of treats, along with a little letter. The items may vary a little year to year, but for the most part, I try to stick to the same items.

My Gifts to You

A pencil, to remind you to keep writing.

A sharpener, to remind you to keep your mind sharp.

An eraser, to remind you that everyone makes mistakes.

A pad of paper, to remind you to write down your dreams.

A box of crayons, to remind you to keep your life colorful.

A yo-yo, to remind you that life will have its ups and downs.

A bandage, to remind you that there will be bumps along the way.

A bookmark, to remind you to always keep reading.

A compass, to keep you on the right path in life.

A bottle of bubbles, to remind you to let your troubles float away.

A lollipop, to remind you how sweet you are.

A Hug and a Kiss, to remind you I love you!

(The bookmark, yo-yo, Hershey Hugs and Kisses are missing from this picture. I need to make one more run to Walmart tomorrow!)

This week is our last week. Thank you, Jesus! We are having a Spirit Week this week, so I hope that helps it go by faster. Today was Sports Day. Everyone was to dress in their favorite sports gear. Naturally, I was sporting a Cubs shirt and hat. This afternoon we simulated the ballpark experience with hot dogs, nachos and popcorn.

Tomorrow is Crazy Hat/Hair Day. I think I'll bring some colored hairspray with me for those whose parents are too lame to help them participate. Wednesday will be Mix & Match Day. Like years past, we will be making trail mix together. There is no school for students on Thursday, since it's our last teacher institute day, then Friday is Pajama Day. That's always my favorite day. However, this year, it won't be nearly as fun. Friday is our last day of school, which means the kids only come for an hour.

Normally, I do Spirit Week during the last full week of school, which would have been last week. Unfortunately, New Principal said I had to do it this week, since "we need to still be teaching until then." I don't think she really understood how Spirit Week was going to go. There IS still teaching going on. As a matter of fact, most of the day goes the same as a 'normal' school day, with the only difference really being how the kids are dressed, and the treats we have. But, the treats are enjoyed during our daily snack time, so we really aren't losing 'teaching' time. But, whatever, she's the boss!

Sadly, because of the teacher institute day, we lost a day, which means I had to cut Teddy Bear Day. That's usually a fun one, too, cuz all kids LOVE to bring in their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal. Typically, I get gummy bears and Teddy Grahams for snacks.

Pajama Day is always on Friday, and we usually do a Pizza Party that day. But, like I said, we only have an hour this year, so I don't even know if I'll bring a special treat. I may just pass out their goodie bags that day, along with their report cards, empty their mailboxes and call it a day!

Sheesh, I hope the next couple of days goes by quickly. I'm just about at the end of my rope. :( There have been a few really sweet moments the past few weeks, which is keeping me from losing it completely. Today during centers, one of the babies wrote this on her board: "Love is for me n my mom. To day we is having hotdogs. " ('hotdogs' is written backward, from right to left, across the bottom.) How cute is this? It's amazing to me how far my kids have come this year. This particular baby couldn't even write her name when school started, and here she is writing sentences.
I am seriously regretting the fact that I agreed to teach summer school. The past two weeks have been hot and miserable here, and let me say one more time - WE HAVE NO AIR-CONDITIONING!! I've been completely wiped out by the time I get home. Plus, I've been in such a foul mood for the past two week. I realize it's hard to believe, but I've been an even bigger bitch than usual. How the hell am I going to do this all summer?! The worst thing is, I will not have even one day off this summer. We are even getting screwed out of a day off for the 4th of July, since it falls on a Sunday. With the exception of Labor Day, I don't have a break coming until the end of September. How the HELL am I going to make it until then? I'm so afraid that the next school year is going to start off on a really crappy note because I won't have had a summer break to decompress and refresh my mind. Argh!! I think I'd rather scrimp and pinch pennies to pay for Stud's tuition. I wonder if I can find someone to take my spot....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Email of the Day

Got some time to kill? Try this.

Email of the Day

Why Teachers Drink
(you may have to click on some of them to enlarge them enough to see them.)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh, I almost forgot...

Happy 44th Anniversary to my parents!

Now, if you're a long-time reader, you KNOW the secret to their long marriage is that my mother lives in another country almost half the year. Hey, whatever works, right? Since she left for her villa on Monday, they won't be celebrating together, but I think they're each celebrating on their own tonight. But, I'm pretty sure what they're celebrating is getting the hell away from each other for a while! ;-)

Has anyone watched this?

I made the mistake of checking the NBC schedule for tonight (instead of just going downstairs and grabbing some movies) and I came across this week's episode of Jillian Michael's new show Losing It with Jillian. I sobbed through nearly the entire 42 minutes. She always really bugged the crap out of me on Biggest Loser, but after watching this, I'm starting to think she has a heart. Deep down under the ice, that is. Now, of course, I have to watch last week's episode, which was the premier. I'd better get the Kleenex ready....

I've only watched the first segment, and I'm laughing and crying at the same time. The first family is an Italian family from Boston. OK, commercial's over, gotta go!

At least I know I'm not nuts...

It wasn't just ME who was feeling the heat today. Read about it here.


Today just sucked some major donkey ass! I have never wanted to get the hell out of school more than I did today. The kids have been just awful the past couple of weeks. I get it, they're ready for school to be over. Yeah, well, me too, kiddos, me too!!! At least they'll be done after next week, unlike me, who doesn't even get a damn break this summer! Ugh! Gee, can you tell I'm incredibly crabby today?

It certainly didn't help that it was in the 90s today, which meant my room was about 100, with NO air conditioning. It felt like we had 100% humidity, too, so we ALL were like limp dishrags all day. But, that didn't keep the kids away from me. Oh, no. It made most of them want to hang on me all freakin' day! God forbid I tried to sit, one of them immediately climbed into my lap. I mean, jeez, I'm glad you love me and all, but shit! Get the hell off me! It's 100 fuckin' degrees in here!!

I am completely drained of all energy. All I want to do is change out of my school clothes, and climb in bed, with my fan on full-blast. I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Well, first, I'm going to go down in the basement and grab a bunch of movies, for Movie Fest 2. Hey, I just realized that I should probably just watch them in the basement since it's about 20 degree cooler down there.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I guess I should give a puck....

The local morning news show that I watch played this last week, and now my buddy, Smileygirl, posted it to her blog. I figured I'd better join her on the bandwagon, lest I be considered a bad Chicagoan!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet friend, Miss R. Although, now, she's Mrs. R-P!! Yay!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What a day...

My mother left for her villa today. My 16 year-old niece went with her. So yesterday, we all (my parents, siblings and our kids) got together for a combination farewell dinner for them, and birthday celebration for my brother. Yesterday was a long day, as I spent way too long at Sam's Club with my sister, then we went to dinner (which was delish, by the way! We went to my new favorite Mexican place) then back to my parents' for cake. We all stayed too long at my parents', considering we knew today was going to be an early day. There was some major drama this morning involving my niece (not worth going into) so by the time we got going, we were running late. We spent about an hour at O'Hare hanging out, like we always do when my mom leaves. (We do the same when my dad leaves.) Back in the day, pre 9/11, you could go all the way to the gate and all hang out there until take off, but now, you can't get past the first check point, so we sit in the food court and have lunch together.

Then, my dad, sister, Stud and I went back to my parents' house for dessert (what?! there was some birthday cake left from last night!) when we realized that my sister had no car to get home. SO, I had to drive her home, but first we had to stop at her ex-husband's house to pick up my younger niece. By the time I dropped them off, and drove back to my parents' to get Stud, I was ready for a nap. O'Hare is not all that close to where we live, so that was a LOT of driving in one day. (In traffic, it's at least an hour each way to the airport, then all the driving around the airport to get to the parking lot, etc. Then, it was at least 30 minutes each way to take my sister home and come back, thanks to traffic. Ugh! I HATE TRAFFIC!)

Apparently, while I was gone, Stud made plans with a friend, so when I got back, he somehow convinced me to not only let him go to this friend's house, but also to drive him there. Oh, fantastic! More driving!! But, first we had to drive home so he could change (cuz, you know, this friend is a GIRL!) which is the complete opposite direction from this friend's house. Good times, good times....I just got home about 30 minutes ago, which was just long enough to clean Buster's ears and eye, apply all his medications, reheat some pot roast, and check in with you guys.

I'm exhausted, but I'm afraid to lie down, because if I fall asleep, it'll be for the night. I'm not good at napping. My body likes its sleep in 8-hour doses. I have to pick Stud up at some point, so falling asleep would not be good.

It was SO nice not having to go to work today. I'm not working tomorrow, either. However, that's because I have my first professional development meeting for the summer school program I'll be teaching. Can you sense my excitement? Well, at least I don't have to be at school, right? Let's just hope whoever subbed for me today didn't touch the folder I left for tomorrow. But, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he/she messed it all up. Eh, whatever! I won't be there, and I'm sure they'll figure it out.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!! A fucking bird just flew into my window!!!! FUCK!!! Laura, I wish you were here! I'm going out to see if it's ok.

Whew! I guess it's fine. The bird must have just knocked the wind out of itself. It was sitting on the fence when I looked the first time, and now it's gone. Thank God.

Ok, that little adrenaline rush was just what I needed to wake me up. I think I'll go do some dishes or something. Then, maybe I'll continue my movie marathon, since there's nothing on TV tonight. I gotta do something to stay awake until it's time to pick up Stud. :( Then again, the temp dropped to the high 60s today, so maybe I'll just go lie in my hammock with a good book, and enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze. Yeah, that sounds nice.....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Past 24 Hours

Since I won't be getting a summer break this year, I figured, what the hell, let's get into "summer vacation mode" right now! Last night, around this time, I decided to watch a movie or two. I have literally dozens of movies, still in the damn cellophane, that I keep buying, but then never getting around to watching. Most of them would be considered 'old' movies, which is why I can buy them in the bargain bin at Walmart.

So, last night I watched 40 Year Old Virgin. Hilarious!! But, by the time it ended, and I watched all the bloopers and bonus scenes, it was WAY past my bedtime, and I could hardly keep my eyes open.

So, bright and early this morning, I continued my movie marathon. Well, not SO bright and early. First, I checked my email and read my blogs, then I did some laundry, then I emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, then I prepared a roast, complete with potatoes and TONS of sliced onions (just the way I like it!) for the crockpot, then I cleaned both of Buster's ears and his icky eye, and applied 3 different medications to them, THEN I started watching movies.

I watched Last Holiday, followed by What Happens in Vegas, The Breakup, and I just finished Knocked Up. I took a quick break to enjoy some of this yummy roast, and I'm about to go watch Failure to Launch. Ok, so they might not be Oscar-worthy movies, but they are perfect for the kind of gloomy, stormy weather we've been having. I haven't really moved off my couch, except to pee, eat and go downstairs to get more movies, since about 10 this morning. See, "summer vacation mode!" Love it!

OK, I'm off! The couch is calling me! I hope you all had as an enjoyable Saturday as I have so far!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!

Happy 35th Birthday, Baby Brother!
I desperately wanted to post some of his baby pictures, cuz he was SUCH a freakin' cute baby, but I couldn't find my "box." So, you'll have to settle for this one. He's still pretty cute, I think.