Sunday, September 18, 2011

Homecoming 2011

I guess I forgot to mention that Homecoming was this weekend, huh? Oops, sorry.

Last night was my baby's last high school homecoming. How in the hell did THAT happen? How is it possible that he's a freakin' SENIOR already?!?

Well, here it is at Brian! (And please ignore the disgusting pig sandwiched between these two handsome young men!)
Stud's best friend set Brian up with a date for the dance. I'd say he did a damn fine job, don't you think? She's a doll!These two met for the first time last Sunday. I'd say they're hitting off pretty well. Stud said that the two of them basically disappeared the entire dance. They went outside and sat in the courtyard, and got to know each other. How sweet!I just can't wrap my head around the fact that these 3 are seniors!!!! Some of you that have been around for a while may remember that these three have gone to school together since grammar school. Stud and his bestest friend met when they were in kindergarten! Ryan, the boy on the left, transferred to their school in the 2nd grade. I have the coolest pictures of them from their 8th grade graduation, and in about 8 months, I'll be taking one of them at their high school graduation. Holy crap, I just made myself cry. I'll be right back....

Ok, I'm better. Here's a shot of the girls.
The guys. The boy next to Brian is also an exchange student at Stud's school. He is here from Thailand.The whole gang.
Stud and his date. They're just friends. For now. Stud's been crushin' on her for a while now. Stud's best friend's mom put out a little spread of goodies for the kids, since we gathered at her house for pictures before the dance. Yes, that's sparkling grape juice. I got her hooked on the stuff. Stud LOVES it, and we always have it at parties. It's her new favorite thing.See, I told you, he LOVES the stuff!If you want to take a walk down memory lane, you can check out Homecoming 2008, Homecoming 2009, and Homecoming 2010 here.

The group went to a pizza place after the dance. We were all a bit disappointed yesterday when we realized that I was STILL going to have to do the driving for the dance. There were some new laws passed here in IL not too long ago regarding teenaged drivers. One of them is that, until they've had their license for 9 months, or until they are 18 (which ever come first) they are only allowed to drive with ONE other child under 18 in the car. There is an exception, though, for siblings. I think it's a great law. Unfortunately for us, Stud's only had his license for about 3 months, and he won't be 18 for another month and a half. His best friend has only had his license about 2 months longer that Stud. None of the other 3 boys have a license. So, that means the moms still had to drive them to the dance. SENIOR YEAR! Ugh! They were all good about it, but I know they wish it didn't have to be that way. There was a part of me that was tempted to just let Stud and best friend drive, since we only live 20 streets (NOT blocks, simply cross streets) from school. But, I was afraid that the police would be out in full force, knowing that is was Homecoming night, and I didn't want to chance it. In the windup, I drove Stud, Brian and their dates, best friend drove with his date, and Ryan, his date, and the other couple drove with Ryan's mom. That meant we had to drop them off at the dance, go back and get them a few hours later, and drop them at the restaurant, then go back about an hour later and pick them up again. Actually, CSJ picked them up at the restaurant since I had already fallen asleep.

Not too much more to share, since Stud's been a little mum about the whole thing. Well, that the first in a long list of "lasts" for my baby's senior year. I think I'll go cry some more now.






Pissed Off said...

Enjoy--before you know it they have gone on to lives of their own.
Congrats on your beautiful memories.

Katy said...

Gorgeous pics! And shut UP about yourself, you're gorgeous, I would sell my soul for your beautiful hair! Where did you think Stud got his good looks from girl? :)

I don't want to think about graduation. *sob*

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow. He really has grown into a handsome young man. His date is really cute too.
If I hear you say something bad about yourself again, I will personally drive to Chicago and shank you.
You are beautiful...and that smile of yours radiates so much JOY!!!
This year is big for a lot of reasons...for him and for YOU.

karen gerstenberger said...

I'm a little teary myself, and I only know him through cyberspace! Gee whiz! It looks like a wonderful group of kids...and Stud has good taste - his "just friend" is adorable.
I love the photo of you and your two ALL look great!

M said...

WoW! What great pictures and links to back photos! And the one of you and your 2 sons is matter what you think :)

Glad the Homecomning was a hit!
Enoy their senior year!

M said...

(P.S. Stud had the cutest date)

C said...

awwwwww cheech! how handsome are they? (of course stud is THEE most gorgous one and his date, too.)

the kids look like SUCH good kids and YOU missy are the reason. i ditto suz, i will drive up there and hold you down while she shanks you.... and jo will take the pictures.

you are beautiful in and out (BTW) that was a good mooovie! lol.

take care, honey buns. i'll email ya soon...

Mark Himes said...

Love this post! And I'm so glad that you got the bugs worked out of your blog just in time for this.
The kids look great and I'm so happy for them. I think that you're the cutest thing ever and I'm so glad to finally see a photo of you. Until now, I thought you had blond hair. Isn't that funny!
Great photos!

Jen said...

Shut the disgusting pic crap. You're beautiful. :)
And Stud is just one handsome guy. Can't wait to see how his senior year goes for him.

Sandra said...

All...and I mean ALL the pictures are fabulous!...geez, some of those young girls are very endowed...and I point this out 'cause I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!! You look beautiful.

La Roo said...

Oh my gawd your son looks like you. You both are nice looking people. How fun you got to enjoy this moment. Some people miss it and I feel sorry for them. You are such a good mom.