Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Warning - This post may contain an F-bomb or two...

I haven't bitched about the Hell-Hole in a while, but there's some crap bubbling up right now that I need to spew, in hopes that my eye will stop fucking twitching!!!!!

First of all, did I mention I'm back up to 32 fucking kids?!? It was 33 for a day, until I realized that one of the new kids was actually supposed to be in 1st grade. Guess it was too fucking hard for the office to figure that out when they made a copy of her fucking birth certificate, huh? Thankfully, I've had, on average, at least 6 kids absent every day since we came back from break, so I've been able to squeeze them in at the tables. Today, however, all but 2 showed up, so I had to break down and set up a 5th table.

Latina Girl is lucky she didn't go home with my foot protruding from her ass today!! I tried to call her mother several times, so she could come get her, but of course, I couldn't reach her. God forbid there had been a real emergency! (You know, like needing a foot surgically removed from her rectum!) The final straw, that made me call her mom, was when she stole something from one of my little darlings. Two tables of babies displayed some wonderful behavior right before lunch, and each of those babies was given a treat to eat when they finished their lunch. Well, Latina Girl took one of the other girl's treats right off her plate and ate it!!! And THEN, she tried to say she didn't know it wasn't hers!! WTF?!? I wanted to punch her in her face!

Besides Latina Girl pissing me off all day, AM was really pushing my buttons, as well. (How do I NOT have a label for this PITA on this blog? It's not possible that I haven't bitched about her yet! Oh, well, there's a first time for everything, right?) She has been a HUGE PITA since the very first day of school. When her mother brought her to school this morning, she came to me and asked if I would send a note home at the end of the day to let her know what kind of day she had. Apparently, it's AM's little brother's birthday today, and if she had a bad day, she wasn't going to be able to go out to celebrate tonight. Well, of course, I figured I would sugar-coat the report so she wouldn't miss the party. Yeah, well, that lasted about 20 minutes!! Between her and Latina Girl, I don't know who was making my blood boil more. (When her mom came to get her at the end of the day, I didn't sugar coat a damn thing. Then mom tells me that she already was having a bad day before she came to school. I guess she shoved her baby brother - the birthday boy!- off the bed this morning. But, apparently Mom wanted to make ME the bad guy, cuz she didn't have the backbone to just tell her she was going to have to miss the celebration. Her mother's shitty parenting is exactly why this child acts the way she does!!!)

When we were coming back from our afternoon bathroom break, Ms. H saw us in the hall and asked if I wanted her to take a couple of them off my hands for a while (since I had 30 freakin' kids by myself all damn day!!) I didn't even have to say anything, she knew which two to take! About 15 minutes later, she comes to the room with the two brats, and says that New Principal said they had to come back to the room. WTF??! She said they couldn't be out of the room missing instruction. Yeah, well, when they're IN the room, there's very little instruction going on, because I spend all my fuckin' time dealing with their bullshit!! ARGH!!!! In the short time they were gone, we were able to do an awesome lesson about graphs that was tons of fun, and had the rest of the babies on the edge of their seats. Whatever! I put them in opposite corners, and tried to just trudge on with the day.

I was seething, though, on the inside about New Principal, and the stupid statement she made about them missing instruction. I haven't bitched about this yet, but there's no time like the present, right? Almost every fuckin' day, I have at least one 8th grader sent to my room, so that I can babysit. And 99% of the time, these kids have been kicked out of their rooms for being out of uniform. Seriously?!? Not because they were disrespectful, or disruptive, or any kind of discipline problem. No, they have on jeans!! Have you ever heard anything so fucking ridiculous?

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's actually enforcing the uniform policy. That's always been a HUGE problem at the Hell-Hole. So, yes, please enforce it. However, how does she justify making an 8th grade student, who is supposed to graduate in June, miss an entire day of instruction?! Make these kids stay after school for detention, or come in early for morning detention, or some other appropriate consequence. DO NOT keep them out of class for a whole day. And DON'T make ME babysit them!!!! She's under the delusion that it embarrasses them to have to sit in kindergarten. Yeah, right!! They love it. And, it's one more body I have to be responsible for, one more kid I have to keep busy all day. The day I was out for Bestest Friend's mom's funeral, there were THREE of them sent to my room. Apparently, the sub paid them no mind, and they played with my computers, messed up my games, rearranged my books, ugh!!!!!!

Did it ever occur to New Principal that these kids purposely come to school out of uniform so they WON'T have to go to class? DUH! These kids aren't stupid, ya know!

Ugh, I could go on and on, and I definitely have more to bitch about, but I'm going to stop for tonight. I'm going to make myself a yummy cup of hot cocoa (sugar-free Swiss Miss with a shot of sugar-free hazelnut syrup. YUMMY!) and curl up on the couch. I'm sure there's some mindless TV I can watch for a while to lower my blood pressure. Man, I wish Glee was on...oh, wait! I just remembered it's Wednesday, and I love the line-up on ABC! Modern Family is one of the most hilarious shows on right now. I love it! The Middle has some pretty funny moments, and I love Cougar Town. Then, one of my all-time favorites, Ugly Betty, has just moved to Wednesday, so that'll round out my evening of mindless TV. Yay! Good thing Stud went with CSJ, otherwise I'm sure I'd be ignoring him tonight. Oh, wait, isn't that what teenagers WANT their parents to do?


Pissed Off said...

I'm not much of a tv watcher but Middle, Modern Family and Ugly Betty are some of my favorites.

Your crappy school makes me almost appreciate mine.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Pssssttt.... I like it when you drop the F bomb ;)

Bestest Friend said...

Where to begin?!?! Perhaps with the have TOO MANY FRIGGIN'KINDERGARTENERS!! If New Principal were truly concerned about instructional time for students, your class size would be smaller. She should pick a position and stick with it.....does she want those students educated or warehoused? Since "warehoused" seems to be the answer, she needs to stop being uppity and pretend she cares about their learning.

The eighth graders out of their room for uniform infractions has to be one of the most ludicrous "consequences" of which I've heard. The 8th graders probably passed around a calendar to sign up for the turns they're going to take to get out of class to spend the day in KDG!! In our school, if students wear jeans to school, they go to the office and borrow a pair of oversized school gym shorts to wear for the day. Wearing a non-uniform shirt affords a student the opportunity to wear, for the day, a brightly colored t-shirt that says "(school name) UNIFORM". After a certain amount of infractions, I believe parents are contacted and/or detentions are given. But, yeah, they stay in class....they don't get the day off to hang out with the 5 year olds.

Consistency does not appear to be one of New Principal's strong suits! :- (

C said...

awww cheech those mofo's at the hell hole sound like they are real bitches! there is NO way you should have that many students... and then to have to deal with the behavior probs that they come in with due to shitty parenting... you MUST get out of there! you need a sane place to work... is there anyother place you could apply to work at? it will not get bettter so you must get out before your mind melts into a labotomy.

poor you.

those fuckers.

all of 'em.

you deserve better.

if the 8th graders have to be in your classroom put the lil fuckers to work and give them a small group of kids to teach something to and rotate 'em around like a fucking marshmallow on a stick over a campfire....

dont get mad, GET EVEN.

thats the best revenge....

share the load.

and tell bitchfuckface principal to shove her ruler up her ass if shee dont like it.

i think i'm a lil upset for ya.


Clippy Mat said...

don't hold back Chi-Chi.
I cannot fathom how on earth you can have 30 kids at once?!!#.
how is that POSSIBLE?
I would have run screaming from the building long before now.
I have nothing but admiration for you.
I agree with C. Put those grade
8's to work. We used to have them when I worked with the little ones many moons ago. They were responsible for 2 children each and had to shadow, support, read to, wipe snot, help clean up etc. It worked for me.

karen gerstenberger said...

Whew! What a day! You must be so tired of all of the things that get in the way of actual teaching. That makes me sad. It's clear you have a gift and a passion for TEACHING (which I know is not the same as babysitting).

What can we do for those kids, before they become adults who can't cope with life?

I'm so fed up with our school district administration that I'm relieved that David is graduating this year. I've been a volunteer for years, but am too tired of the district's crap to do it right now. Yet I feel so strongly for those precious KIDS who aren't being loved and taught the important things AT HOME.

Thanks for telling me about "Ugly Betty" moving time slots. I love that show, and wondered where it went.

Change for Good said...

I am so sorry you had such a bad day. Even with baby bodies, I don't see how that many people can be in one room. I suggest that you put them in the CEO's other car.

I do most of my venting to my best teacher friend Wendy. Seriously....that girl has saved me billions in therapy. We call each other as soon as school gets out, and talk the entire way home.

My personal best was the time my mom called me, and I dropped the f-bomb about 50 times in three or four minutes. I was so upset that my mom made me pull off the road. I had a girl from hell, and I was through.

I have watched Season One of Ugly Betty. I am going to watch the next season on Netflix too. :) I want the shirt that says, "Embrace Your Inner Betty."

ChiTown Girl said...

"I suggest that you put them in the CEO's other car."

OK, that just made me spit green tea all over my keyboard! Thanks, Tiff, I needed that!

And, thanks to all of my Bloggy Buddies, for your unwavering support. I'm glad my potty mouth hasn't scared you away. ;-)

miss r said...

Bah. I had such high hopes for this year. Hopefully, SOME things are improving. There is a lot to work on. Love ya!

The Girl Next Door said...

OKso I thought I worked with PITAs and then I read this and blessed you and your courage and wondered where the dr with the valium was hidden in all this? wow. Your job is so way harder than mine,- and so way more important.


The Bus Driver said...

Jeez she's friggin crazy if she thinks you can get ANY work done with 32 babies in class!!!

Latina girl sounds like a real piece of work.

My friend had a child (3-4 yrs old) come up to her while her kids were playing on the playground, proceed to try to steal my friends drink right off the bench next to my friend, and then tried to grab my friends cell phone right off my friends lap. Just like she was entitled to the items without asking. Parenting is seriously LACKING today. I cannot tell you how many times i BEGGED kids to sit the hell down today.