Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's finished...

I wanted to show you how Stud Muffin's 'big' project turned out. His somewhat creative mother convinced him to change the matting again. You may remember that the last time I wrote about this project, he wanted it to look something like this:Well, long story short, something happened to the red poster board. Since we had to go out and get more poster board, we started to think of other options. I decided to cut up the "ruined" red board just to see how it would look as another layer of matting. Stud liked it, thankfully. Then, he couldn't decide if he liked the pictures mounted on white or black poster board. He decided on the black.
Here's the picture that most of you said was your favorite. Stud decided that he would do the writing he wanted to do on the red matte.
Here's the finished project. I know you can't really see the writing. It isn't exactly what he originally had in mind, but he's pleased with it, nonetheless. He decided to add a new piece, there in the middle, with the key bible verse written on it.
I think it beautifully ties it all together.
He was VERY excited when he came home yesterday. Besides bringing this project to school, he also brought another drawing (which I'm beating myself up over not taking a picture of!!!), that he basically did for fun, to his art teacher. It was a drawing of a Crusader (their school mascot) in the style of the drawings of his other characters from "The Game." Apparently, she liked it so much, she immediately hung it on display in the art room. But, what got him really excited was that she took his poster board and put it on display in the main entrance of the school, in the main display case. All of this happened before school started, as he went to school early yesterday, so he didn't know about the display case until later in the day when several of his teachers commented on his project. I'm so proud of him.

Next semester, the class is moving on to ceramics. I'm not really sure how he feels about that, since his 'thing' is drawing. I'm sure he'll do just great. I just hope he gives it some real effort. He's always been the kind of brat, I mean kid, who wants to do what HE wants to do, and if it's something he doesn't really want to do, he doesn't give it his full effort. This can be so exacerbating! That's all I'm going to say about that, lest I put some kind of jinx on him. :(


jlo said...

YOu must be so proud. Look great!

Katy said...

Stud is an amazing artist!!

(And by the sound of your last paragraph, he and daughter would get along JUST great!)

Well done Stud, amazing artistry!

C said...

stud is so talented! i love how the project all finished out.

good for him!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the individual drawings mounted on red!!!!
He should be proud, as well as his Mama!

karen gerstenberger said...

He is so talented, and he's blessed to have such a loving and encouraging mother as you are. You really SEE & HEAR him, and that is such a gift.
I hope he keeps drawing, even if the class is doing ceramics. Can he create an independent study program? I would guess he's one of the more advanced drawing students; would one of the teachers work with him one-to-one?
What a great young man!

ChiTown Girl said...

Actually, Karen, his class is a bit different in that, it's one 'big' class, and has a 'class within a class' thing going on. Stud is in the Honors program, but the Honors and regular class are held together. I guess the Honors kids sit together at one table (there's only 5 of them, I think) and work on "extra" projects and assignments to fulfill the Honors Level requirements. Stud does spend some one-on-one time already with his art teacher, since he adores her. According to what she had to say at Parent/Teacher conferences, the feeling is mutual. As a matter of fact, Stud stayed an extra 2 hours today after his last final (it's finals week, so they only had 3 periods today, the last of which was his lunch period, so he could have left at 11) just to work on a project for his teacher. Now, if only I could get him to show this kind of enthusiasm in some of his other classes... ;-)

Change for Good said...

WOW!!!! The final project is amazing! Is there some way you could preserve it that wouldn't cost a zillion bucks? It look so amazing I would want it on display.

Way to go Stud!