Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Music

I bought myself several new CDs over the past few weeks, and my current OBSESSION is Straight, No Chaser - Christmas Cheer. (You have GOT to click on the video of Christmas Can-Can. It's awesome!) I love these guys, and have from the moment I discovered them some time last year. If you aren't familiar with them, they are an a cappella group, made up of 10 smokin' hot guys, who can actually sing!! I'm pretty sure you can hear some of their music if you clink on the link above. Dan Ponce, the founder of the band, is from Chicago, so you KNOW I gotta love 'em! If you're interested in their story, go here.

I also bought myself Andrea Bocelli's new Christmas CD, My Christmas, plus his newest CD, Incanto. The Christmas CD has some interesting duets, including one with Mary J. Blige. The other one I especially like because it's the old Italian songs that I grew up listening to my family sing. I can't help but smile when I listen to it. One song in particular, Mamma, was always one of my grandma's favorite songs, and the first time I heard that track on the CD, I didn't even hear Andrea. It was purely my Grammy, singing her heart out. It was awesome!

My other guilty splurge was (ok, now brace yourself, I'm pretty sure I've warned you guys before that I'm a straight-up geek!) glee - the music (Season 1, Volumes 1&2) I LOVE this show!! And, even though it was a total impulse purchase, I'm glad I bought them.

One of the ways I rationalized buying myself (gasp!) 5 new CDs is that I decided, as I was buying each one, that I would burn copies of them for my family as part of their Christmas gifts. (And, please don't leave me any nasty comments about copying and sharing the CDs. There was no way I could buy 20+ CDs, plus I actually BOUGHT a copy of each one, instead of downloading the songs for free from the internet. So, I don't want to hear it.) Obviously, my parents and siblings love Andrea Bocelli as much as I do, and I'm excited to introduce them all the Straight, No Chaser. I made glee CDs for my nieces, mom and bestest friend. (Oh, shoot!! Bestest Friend, that was supposed to be a surprise! I made you a SNC CD, too. Enjoy!)

It's been snowing today, pretty steadily, and it looks just gorgeous outside. I actually took some video for you guys of our first day of snow, but I obviously haven't gotten around to posting it yet. Maybe today, while I'm waiting to pick up Stud. The boy suddenly has a very busy social life. I took him to a friend's about an hour ago, to hang out with the friend and his extended family, who are in from Michigan. (Stud met the family when his friend took him to Michigan for a weekend this past summer.) I have to go back and get him in a few hours to then drive him over to another friend's house for a party. Oh, yeah! I forgot, I promised to make a snack for him to bring. Shoot! Guess I'd better get off this computer and get to work, huh?


BestestFriend said...

As a librarian, you MUST know how I feel about copyright infringement!! I'm sure in kindergarten, though, you're always stressing "sharing", so you just can't help yourself. ;- ) Related subject: PLEASE tell me that you watched "Sing Off" this past Mon., Tues. and Wed.! If not, this will be your next YouTube assignment because the finale of this accapella group competition is Monday.(I don't know why I didn't call you.If you didn't see it, I apologize ChiTown!)

Change for Good said...

I love Bocelli!!!! :)

I am glad you are enjoying your break.