Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What was the best day of your life so far?

This one is a no-brainer!

November 6, 1993

The day my little Stud Muffin was born!

One of these days, I'll actually scan one of his newborn pictures. He really was beautiful. Here are a couple of shots of his new haircut. (He came to the salon with me last night.)

I found this prompt incredibly ironic. I had planned to post about what happened 0n this date, 20 years ago...

which at one point in my life, would have been my response to this prompt. (I really should scan in a different picture to share with you, since I've posted this one before.)

Today was strange from the start. I was awakened by a kiss, Sleeping Beauty style, from CSJ, along with a whispered, "Happy Anniversary." No, I'm not kidding. I was seriously in a deep sleep when it happened, so I wasn't really sure what the hell was going on at first.

Tonight, after Stud's doctor appointment, the three of us went out for dinner, and actually had a really nice time. I know some of you are screaming, "WTF?!?!" at your screen right now, and I totally understand. Without getting into the nitty gritty of things, let me just say that there are some strange and interesting events that have happened in the past few months. Actually, a few of you picked up on the "disturbance in the force" this summer and commented on it (thank you, Bloggy Buddies!) but I wasn't really in a place where I wanted to share. Truthfully, I'm not really there now, either.

Time to move on to lighter subjects. Like my hair! Yeah, I'm still feeling like a bratty little teenager, cuz I'm certain I'm going to be crying in the next day or two. I mean LITERALLY crying. Here's a comparison of the "new" do, and what it looked like Saturday night.
I suppose it might not look much shorter in the new picture, but keep in mind that the bottom picture is my hair all curly. If I had straightened in last Saturday, it would have easily been about 4 or 5 inches longer. I know that when I wash my hair, and it curls again, it will barely reach my shoulders. Ugh, just typing that was like a punch to my gut.

Here's a few more shots. What can I say, I'm trying to distract myself from my sadness.

Ok, I hear you, enough with the hair already! Last night, before we went to the salon, I had Stud help me with a little project. I've been wanting to do it for a while, but I hadn't taken the time to look for the boxes I needed. Then, over the weekend, Stud and I stopped at Target, and while I was perusing the dollar bins, I spotted these and was overcome with excitement!
They could not have been more perfect!! They have 26 little boxes (a-z), and 3 bigger ones for punctuation marks, and special characters. Woo hoo!! When I showed them to the babies this morning, they were almost excited as I was. :) So far, I've only done these 4 sets of letters. I have several other sets at school that I plan to separate this weekend. Is it pitiful that this makes me so excited?
Ok, all this excitement has exhausted me, so I'm gonna hit the sack. I'll probably dream about magnetic letters all night.... ;-)


Sarahf said...

The hair looks lovely. Sometimes it's good to give it a big cut. You still look gorgeous.

Sandra said...

Puleeze! You still look like a bratty little teenager! I swear! You have such beautiful skin!

karen gerstenberger said...

Ok, you could have told me that that photo was taken LAST NIGHT, and I would have believed you! How can you NOT HAVE CHANGED AT ALL since you got married?! A-mazing. Is it the fabulous Italian genes? Is the it the fabulous Italian cooking? What is it? WHAT?? =)

Your Studley has the sweetest smile + eyes.

Clippy Mat said...

I told you. I like it. Is it growing on you yet?
did you 'really' wake to that kiss. don't confuse me now, i'm not sure what you're telling me here.

ChiTown Girl said...

Yes, Clippy, I really did. I know, I don't get it either.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so baffled. Kiss? In.THE.MORNING??
Love both your hair-do's!!!!

ModernMom said...

I hate to tell you this BUT...I love both the hair do's!
Oh and I too get excited about the perfect little storage find:)

C said...

honey you are simply beautiful! your hair looks great, curly or straight.. you must stop beating yourself up over it. it needed to be cut for it's own health. i envy your rich black hair, that is my natural color as well but i am totally white underneath it all, i have had to color it for years..

i think it's great that things are on the positive side with csj... i've never seen that pic before. he is cute. i see where studly gets his looks from seeing the both of you together. i still think he looks more like you, tho.

take care and happy old anniversary.

Jim said...

Yes, Happy Anniverary! And you are truly a TEACHER!!!Imagine getting excited about a bunch of letters! But I do relate to this....a lot! lol
Go natural with hair! People would kill for those curls!!! And you have them for free! I know you HATE IT when people say that. But I can say that. When I HAD hair it was curly and was so glad when I finally stopped trying to straighten it!

Mamie said...

Totally NOT pitiful; that letter picture excites me too! My Magnetic letters are all a-jumble and I really need to do something about it.

Your hair is cute, really!

blueviolet said...

I'd be dreaming of them too because those little boxes are too much fun!

My daughter's hair springs right back up after washing too! Your hair looks cute either way, you know!

Jason, as himself said...

I like both the hair cuts!