Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Heart Chicago!

Do you remember my friend, Mrs. F., from school? (We had that baby shower for her a while back?) Well, her husband recently started a new job with an armored guard service. Yesterday, we had a staff development day (yay! no kids!) and she and I went out for lunch. While we were eating, her husband called, and told her there had been an armed robbery involving one of their trucks. Here's a link to the Chicago Sun Times article about it.

Now, the reason I'm even sharing this is because, after reading the entire article, (and thinking, "Thank God that wasn't Art's truck!" the whole time), I get to the very last line:

“It’s a quiet corner most of the time, other than the regular drug and gang activity,” said a worker at a nearby shop.

Is it wrong that my first thought was - only in Chicago!!! Now, you guys know I couldn't possibly love my city any more than I already do, but sometimes, I just have to shake my head at the crazy shit.


tattytiara said...

I hear ya. I just found out that I don't live in the worst area of my town - it's actually on the next block!

Sarahf said...

Lol. Glad you're friend's husband's OK though. To think here people freak out if there's a raised voice!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Crazy indeed!!!

HomemadeMother said...

Haha you are right - ONLY in Chicago! Makes me feel pretty lucky to live on a relatively quiet and pleasant corner in our great city.