Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ma!

Today is my mother-in-law's actual birthday. Wow, 80 years young! I still don't have any pictures to share, although I just realized last night that CSJ may have some on his camera. I'll look into that tonight.

Last night Brian graduated. Stud, CSJ and I attended the ceremony, along with my mother and mother-in-law, and Brian's mother. (She arrived from Hong Kong Tuesday night) Somehow, we all were split up at the ceremony. Stud sat on the floor with my MIL, in the VIP section (and by VIP I mean handicapped/elderly/people who couldn't climb stairs). My mom and Brian's mom sat on one side of the auditorium, directly across from CSJ and I on the OTHER side of the auditorium. The two moms went in while I was waiting for CSJ to go park the car. They wanted to make sure they could save seats. Well, that was great, except I forgot to tell them which side of the auditorium Brian told me to sit on, so we'd be closer to him. When CSJ and I went in, we went to the side Brian told me to, but then we couldn't find the moms. CSJ found them just as the graduates started walking in, so they basically were stuck. Eh, in the windup, it was fine. Brian's mom walked down to the floor to take pictures anyway.

I think the seating actually worked out for the best. The whole night was so bittersweet for us. I know I (STILL!!) haven't shared the scoop, but you may remember that Stud started college this past January. That means he missed out on participating in this ceremony. It was best, I think, that CSJ and I sat alone, because neither one of us had to pretend it wasn't killing us. I'm trying NOT to dwell on the whole situation, so I'm going to move on.

I'm so excited that we have a long weekend. I, actually, am half-way through my SIX-day weekend. Let me just share the highlights....

Wednesday morning, on the way to work, I managed to wreck the RENTAL car I've been driving since Stud's car was smashed a few weeks ago. Yeah...good times, good times... When I went to Enterprise to switch cars, they told me that Enterprise will probably total the car because of the extent of the damage.

Anyway, I never went to work on Wednesday, since I had to deal with this accident. I spent almost 2 hours filing the report at the police station, then I went straight to my insurance agent's office, where I spent another 2 hours (mostly because they're friends of mine, so we were chatting) then it was off to Enterprise to get another car. By the time all was said and done, it was the end of my work day! I ended heading over to my mother's because my brother was there with my monkey. Yay!

So, moving on. I had already taken today off because I had plans with a friend whose birthday is also today. After I ended up taking Wed. off, too, my insurance agent friend convinced me that I should just take Thursday off, as well, and make it a loonngg weekend. He didn't need to suggest that twice! I spent the day with my baby, running errands and just hanging out before it was time for graduation.

So far this morning, I've been enjoying the gorgeous weather. I'm about to go outside and plant the tomato and basil plants we bought yesterday. I need to do it before it gets too hot. The past few days have reached the high 80s, low 90s, and today is also expected to hit the 90s. Right now, it's in the high 60s, which is perfect. I'd better get going, huh? It's almost 8am!!

I'll try to come back later with some photos. I'm skipping today's NaBloPoMo post because it was really stupid. You're welcome. :)

And, finally, a very happy 21st anniversary to my dear friends Suz & Coach, and Karen & Gregg!!


Stephanie said...

I have to admit when it comes to finding seating for those important events I tend to get a bit stressed out! After their hard work (either school, or music or sports) I want to be able to see! Best seats you know! So glad it worked out for you.

Now about this car accident. Hoping YOU are okay? Enjoy your long weekend!

Funny in My Mind said...

Another accident? I am glad you are ok.
Enjoy your long weekend!

Mark said...

So much information there!!! My head is spinning! Yeah, I know, I pack too much info into my posts too but that's because I'm me.
Listen, Happy Birthday to your MIL and Have a safe holiday weekend.
And what did I tell you about women drivers?

Funny in My Mind said...

Have I told you how cool you are? You should be my bodyguard. I think I made it where anon comments are blocked or at least you have to have a blog or email. Too bad, it was fun.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are never allowed to drive one of my cars. Never.
I'm glad you are well though....
Graduation here was quite the big ordeal with the seating too...and we were limited to 5 seats per family!
Happy belated to your MIL!