Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012
What sport do you wish you could try?

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Did you have a favourite sports player as a child?

The prompts above are the reason I probably won't be doing the "official" NaBloPoMo for May. I guess technically, you only need to post everyday to complete the challenge. The prompts are merely suggestions. So far, I'm NOT digging them.

So, instead of answering the prompt, I'll just ramble on for a minute. I'm SO happy the weekend is here. I'm exhausted. The only reason I'm sitting here typing is because I can't let myself go to bed at 7:30. I'd wake up at 3 am, then be screwed for the rest of the weekend. But, trust me, I could fall asleep right at this keyboard. Part of me thinks that if I DID let myself go to sleep, it's entirely possible that I would sleep until 7 am.

I had a LONG afternoon with my in-laws today. I actually had a long one on Wednesday, too. My sister-in-law and I, along with my mother-in-law, took my father-in-law to the doctor. Well, the whole afternoon was just a three-ring circus of crazy. Besides the couple of hours at the doctor's office, we then went to four different pharmacies looking for a knee brace. Finally, my MIL lost it, and said "Enough is enough!" She was irritated with my FIL for making us drive all over creation.

Well, today, he had his follow-up visit. Stud and I took them today. It was a long visit, followed by trips to two different labs that were closed, finally landing at the lab at our nearest hospital (where Stud and I BOTH visited the ER in the last month) so my FIL could get a blood test. After that, I dropped them off and went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for him.

Now all of that might not sound TOO exhausting, but add into that the fact that every freakin' leg of this journey involved 10 minutes to get him out of the car, 10 minutes to get him back in, all while maneuvering a walker AND a wheelchair, which then had to be folded up and dragged in and out of my car. Ugh. Thank God Stud was with me to push him and his chair. That meant I could drop him and his grandparents off at the main entrance of the hospital, while I parked about 6 blocks away and walked back. Then, after the blood draw, I got to walk the six blocks back to the car so I could pick them up at the door. Ok, I'm starting to see why I'm so tired...

On top of that, I'm coming down with something. My throat started hurting last night, and I woke up out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night because it was hurting so bad. My head is starting to be a little stuffy, which means I'm in for a weekend of fun. It just may be one of those stay-in-bed-and-watch-movies-and-read-all-weekend kind of weekends.

Well, it took me so long to type this, while I watched Shark Tank in between, that it's now 8 pm. I think I can let myself go to bed now! Good night!


SonyaAnn said...

I have had to help my inlaws a few times. It will wear you out like no other. You poor baby.
A pharmacist told me to take aspirin and Claritin or some allergy pill. It has helped way more than anything else over the counter that I have found to help colds.
I hope you have a great Mother's day!

Funny in My Mind said...

Wow! I am exhausted just hearing about it!
That is how it was last year with my mother in law after she was diagnosed with cancer. Chemo, labs, meds, trips to the city, etc so I know where you are coming from.
I think you might be overly tired and after a couple good nights sleep, you will feel better. Dr. Funny in da house!
Have a super Mother's Day and a beautiful relaxing weekend!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can see why you are exhausted....and running yourself down will bring on sickness. YOU need to rest.
And why are you doing all this running around for your FIL, doesn't he have like 12 kids?? :)
Rest up my friend.