Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo Dump

These are going to be in reverse order cuz Blogger sucks.

So, today was my oldest niece's prom. Well, the first one. She'll be going to another next week.

Sisterly Love
Proud Mama and her baby.
I wish she'd come out of her shell a little bit. ;-)
I had forgotten about the garter thing. I didn't know they still did that. Here she is with one of her besties.Yesterday in the ER....
Last Sunday was my niece's 18th birthday. I had planned to post all about it, but I'm seriously still exhausted from all the work involved in the celebration. I'll just share a few tidbits.

My sister decorated her car in the middle of the night.

Then, we had TWO surprise parties in one day! My sister planned a Tea Party for my niece and her friends. She had it at the bar. I actually took video specifically to share with you guys, but I may have to hold off until tomorrow on that.

Here she is with her girlfriends, while they enjoyed their finger sandwiches.Then, we had a second surprise party, also at the bar, with the family. Again, pictures/video to come. But, here she is with her birthday "cake." She wanted red velvet, so we went with cupcakes.
Ok, that's about all the Blogger hell I can handle for one night. THANK YOU to all my friends who have asked about Stud, either in a comment here or a personal email. You have no idea how much your well-wishes and kindness are appreciated. I can't say it enough - I love my Bloggy Friends!! Stud is feeling a bit stiff and sore today, but I've been diligent about sticking to the meds schedule, so I'm hoping the pain stays at a minimum.


karen gerstenberger said...

Chi, I don't know what happened to my comment on the post below - it's disappeared. Just want you to know that I'm giving thanks for Stud's safety. I hope the rest of your weekend is peaceful, happy & painless!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm glad he is doing well!
The prom dress(s) are beautiful....such pretty girls. I had no idea about the garter...and I'm not sharing that with anyone here!!!
Happy birthday to your niece, glad you were able to attend all the parties.

jlo said...

Wow...what a beautiful girl. Gives me a bit of anxiety...the whole garter thing! ;)

Funny in My Mind said...

Her dress is gorgeous and so is she!
Never heard of the garter thing but I am a dork.
I am glad your son is improving!