Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weary Wednesday....

I'm feeling tired today, and my day isn't over yet. I still have to get dinner on the table, and get to my late-night hair appointment. I am excited, though, about the beautiful weather today here in Chicago. It's probably in the 50's right now, which makes me ecstatically happy!!! My oven is on, I'm getting ready to bake brownies to take to my friend's salon. This surely beat the damn 90s we had this weekend, which had people dropping like flies during the Chicago Marathon.

School was long today. We had a meeting after school from 3:00-5:00, but it wasn't all bad. I got tons of "presents" from our LLT for my classroom. The Big Cheese stopped in, just in time to be bombarded by us. OK, by us I mean me. Good news, though. As of Monday, no more sign-out system for the kindergartners!!!! Yay!! We are going to have to change some other things, though, like shortening our lunch back down to 20 minutes, but I'm not really bothered by it. I'm so excited about getting rid of signing out, I'm probably going to cut the Big Cheese more slack than usual for at least a week! Bonus - I'm going to a meeting Friday afternoon for him, so I'll be leaving as soon as my kids go to lunch.

It'll be nice to end my work week early. Too bad it's to go sit in a boring meeting. I'm hoping I'm wrong, and it's not boring at all. It's a professional development meeting about our new system-wide email system. The only icky part is that now I'm going to be expected to bring the information back, and present my own professional development to the rest of the staff. However, I may still be able to get out of it. We have a teacher institute day next Friday, which is when the Big Cheese would probably want that presented. Luckily, Dori and I will be out at a kindergarten professional development meeting. Oh well! There are two other people that have signed up to attend this training, so the two of them can still present it to the staff.

My babies were actually pretty wonderful today. They were working so intently and so quietly during our morning reading centers, that we nearly missed lunch! I looked up, and saw we were already almost 5 minutes late. I actually hated to stop them, since they were so into what they were doing. They managed to pick up where they left off after rest time, though, and I'm so proud of them.

Look at that! All in all, a pretty great day! Here's the quote for today, and have a great night!

I was determined to know beans. ---Henry David Thoreau

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