Monday, October 29, 2007

He's reached a whole new level of asshole...

OK, so I checked my CPS email yesterday, just for the hell of it, and I found the most ridiculous email from the Big Cheese. Apparently he sent it out Friday afternoon, which is pointless since most people don't even check their CPS email during the week, let alone on a weekend! Anyway, the email basically said he was taking our freakin' lunch breaks away!!! I wish I could post the damn memo here so you could read it yourself. I'm going to try to cut and paste it...

October 26, 2007


1. Beginning Monday, 10/29/07, Teachers will be required to remain in the lunchroom with their students during their lunch period. The reason for this change is student behavior in the halls and during lunch. It is the teacher’s responsibility to establish classroom management rules with their class, in the classroom, halls and lunchroom. Teachers have been bringing their classes to the lunchroom disorderly, and then leaving them in the halls disorderly. We do not have the staff to monitor the halls and the lunchroom at the same time. The administration tried to provide teachers with a twenty minute lunch break, in addition to the five preparation periods this year. Unfortunately it is not working out; there is too much noise in the halls and lunchroom. We will either have to take away the fifth prep or the twenty minute lunch break. Teachers will still have to stay with their class during lunch. We will have to work out a schedule to give you the twenty minute daily break, if you choose the twenty minute break.
2. Wednesday morning, at 8:30am, 10/31/07, I need to meet with teachers in grades 1-3 to discuss classroom management strategies. Several teachers in these grades are experiencing classroom management problems. We need to brainstorm and come up with some strategies that can elevate these problems. Please meet prior to coming to this meeting, so you will have some ideas. More suspensions is not an option. We will no longer suspend any students under
fourth grade. Any other staff members are welcome to attend this meeting.
3. Tuesday, 10/30/07, is Principal for A Day. We will have representatives from MGR Foundation as our Principals. Be prepared to meet with them Tuesday morning at 8:30 am, in the Library.

OK, it didn't paste very well, but at least you can see what we got. I didn't edit a thing, so you all can enjoy the grammatical errors. God, this guy is such an asshole!!! I'd love to know how the hell he thinks he can just eliminate our lunch break! I have no freakin' clue how giving up a prep will offset taking a lunch break everyday. One has nothing to do with the other! All that's gonna do is give the prep teachers even MORE time to sit around and do nothing. If he wants us to give up a prep, then the prep teachers damn well better have lunch duty instead. There is absolutely NO planning involved in handing out sheets of blank copy paper, passing out basketballs, or turning on the TV. That describes the entire curriculum of all of our preps. There's absolutely NO reason they should be given any more free periods.

Now, let me start my bitching about the assistants. The reason that there is NO order or discipline in the lunchroom is because the people who are supposed to be supervising the children are busy acting like children themselves! They are under the delusion that this is their lunch/social time. They are far too busy eating the disgusting school lunch and chit-chatting with each other to pay any attention to what the hell the kids are doing! No wonder there's always chaos! WE did not give birth to these children, WE are not solely responsible for their lack of discipline and WE can not be with them non-stop from 9-2:45! If these people think it's hard to deal with these kids for 20 minutes, how the hell do they think it is for us to be with them the rest of the damn day?! Augh!! Get a fucking grip!! Once again, the assistants are allowed to dictate what happens in this hellhole. They don't like actually having to do something with these kids, so BOOM! We lose our lunch break. What the fuck is that!? It took the Big Cheese 7 fucking weeks to finally make a decision about getting rid of the kindergarten sign-out system, but it took him, what, 5 minutes to decide to do what the assistants want?!?!?! Fuck that!

He's even dumber than we think if he doesn't realize he's going to have teachers going to the union about this bullshit. I plan to email my union rep tonight to let him know what the hell is going on around here. I'm so pissed off right now, I can't even think straight!!

I've got to try and stop stewing about this, so let me think about the cute things that happened today. While I was testing the kids today, I got a few more really funny answers. One of my little girls, when asked what shape an oval is, replied "yo-yo." The funniest thing is, she knew, even before it came out of her mouth, that it wasn't right, and she had the cutest little questioning look on her face. She actually giggled after she said "yo-yo." Then, after she finished, she went back to her table, and I overheard her telling her friends that she "called the oval a yo-yo!" Then they all had a good giggle.

I'm still far too pissed off to remember any of the other cute things I wanted to write about today, so I guess I'll just sign off. Besides, I've got to get emailing my union rep!!

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
---George Santayana

I'm pretty sure I've used this quote before, but it's so fitting. Why can't he figure out that what they're doing isn't working!! Maybe we should try something new. You know, like growing a set of balls, and telling people to either do their damn job, or hit the bricks! I can't believe how afraid he is of the damn assistants. He ought to be more afraid that all his teachers are going to walk out! God KNOWS I'm more than ready to myself.


Jen said...

I'm infuriated just thinking about it, and I'm not even there anymore. Just when you think he can't get any worse...

Anonymous said...

i almost emailed you yesterday to force you to blog about this. I read it yesterday morning and it totally ruined my day. I was so angry that I didn't even want to come to school and I LOVE my class this year. I LOVE THEM.
So today I sat with my students and of course the lunchroom was extremely quiet, not one student left their seat, not one student raised their voice. We had a nice quiet lunch. We had a great lunch NOT because I'm a management genius, but because I WATCHED them. I SAT WITH THEM. When someone's voice got loud, I told them to be QUIET. I informed them WHAT THE RULES WERE BEFORE we entered. And lo and behold, they followed them. And why were the assistants still sitting in the room.... chatting with each other? still doing nothing?
Our jobs are hard enough. We shouldn't be picking up the slack for other people.

Anonymous said...

So basically, if you want a job that requires no real effort in that school, you need to be the principal or a lunch monitor???? No wait, its any job other than teacher in that school!

BTW, I am a horrible speller by nature, and my sister know this, but I have freakin' spell check to fix spelling/grammar.....can a man who runs a school in one of the largest citys in the world try using it once in a while???

I think its time for you to leave that hellish place and get a job at Micky D's where you can finally get some respect, 'cause you aint gettin' it there!! And thats all I have to say about that.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I like to call assholes like this one out on their mistakes, so I would have responded back "I think you meant alleviate rather than "elevate", since that would be the LAST thing we need."