Monday, October 1, 2007

Go, Cubbies!!

It was really hard not to take a sick day today, so I could attend the Cub's Rally in Grant Park. Because this isn't the least bit school related, I'm going to just say, "Go, Cubbies!!" This is our year!!

Today was a typical Monday. I promised myself I would go into the week with a positive attitude, but that only lasted until about 8:45! In all fairness, I arrived at school at 7:45 today, so at least I had a good hour.

The new start time of 9:00 for students went into effect today. However, because our school is about as organized as a bunch of schizophrenics on crack, the parents didn't really have any notice of this. The decision to go back to 9:00 was made on Wednesday of last week. We were told during this meeting that we would start the new time on Monday, and a memo would be sent home to the parents by the end of the week. Well, we never got any memos, and at 2:40 Friday afternoon, an announcement was made over the intercom telling the students to let their parents know that school starts at 9:00 from now on, starting Monday. WTF?! Yeah, my 5 year-olds are going to be able to handle that responsibility! So, we spent the next five minutes repeating "School starts at 9:00. School starts at 9:00" until the bell rang at 2:45. Ugh!! I also wrote it as big as I could at the bottom of the sign-out sheet, but I'm sure none of my parents bothered to even read it.

This morning, I had kids out in the hall at about 8:30, which isn't new. I had posted a sign, big as day, on my door explaining that school starts at 9:00, and DO NOT leave your child here unsupervised until said time (or something of that nature). I actually didn't have any problems, but poor Dori had kids banging on her door at 8:50, which was the old start time. I happened to be in her room, filling her in on what she missed Friday, and we just ignored the noise. Not the best way to start the day :(

As we were walking to the lunchroom at 10:30, a mom walked up to me and handed me her son, telling me he was my new student. Oh joy! Now I'm back up to 27 little darlings. And my new friend, D.D., is already proving to be a challenge!

Once again, our copy machines aren't working, so no homework or newsletter went home today. Boo! My parents think I'm dropping the ball on these things, and I have to keep explaining that we don't have a copy machine that works. It's not helping the kids, either, to not have a set routine yet as far as homework goes. And on top of all that, we STILL don't have a note to send home to parents about the new start time! OK, I've hit my bitching quota for today, so I must stop right here.

Today's positive item - it was a great rest time. Most of the babies actually fell asleep, which isn't unusual for a Monday. I managed to get a lot of work done in that 20 minutes!

Today's quote:

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn
nothing. ---John Powell

Our school is just one mistake after another, with nothing ever being learned. Nothing ever changes or improves. And who suffers the most? The babies! I know I reached my quota already, so I'm not going to complain anymore tonight. Have a great night!

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