Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I need a new job

It's just that simple. I need a new job. Lord knows, the past 10+ years of working in Englewood have been taking a toll on me, but this year is just pushing me over the edge. And, I'm glad to know it's not just me. The topic of the day today among my coworkers was getting the hell out of Dodge! We all feel the same, so at least I'm reassured that it's not just me being particularly whiny or dramatic.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but I've been emailing a former instructor of mine from grad school (she taught our last class before graduation) about moving to the college level, and leaving elementary school all together. That thought has certainly crossed my mind more than once over the years, but then I always start to think about how much I would miss the babies, so I've never pursued it seriously. But, now, I think I need to do it for my own mental health. Even if I just did it for a while, and went back to the classroom later. Or, maybe I could teach part-time at the college level at night, just to get my feet wet. As much as I complain about things (and if you check this blog with any regularity, I'm sure it's no secret that I can be a complainer!) I really don't think I'd like being away from the babies for any length of time. Obviously, they're the reason I became a teacher in the first place! The babies are not the problem. It's the environment I have to work in every day. More specifically, it's the school I'm at right now that's stressing me out, as well as the Big Cheese. I don't want to get started about him, so time to change the subject...

Poor Dori was having a really bad today, so we made a Subway run on our prep period. Ah, I miss that. Back in the day, when we had assistants, we used to run out for lunch every day. This is only the second time we've done it this year. I miss being able to sit with her and chat/gossip/complain while we scarfed down our lunches. Now, we don't even have time to eat, unless we do it on our prep. Once again, I ate my turkey sandwich on the drive home this afternoon. :( (I did get a large Diet Coke at Subway though, and it hit the spot.) Thank God I had time to get my Dunkin Donuts coffee this morning! That's going to have to be my positive for today. A nice, hot cup of DD hazelnut coffee, extra cream and Splenda. Yummy! The perfect way to start the day, even if the day goes drastically downhill from that point.

Quote time:

Too often we give our children answers to remember rather
than problems to solve. ---Roger Lewin

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