Thursday, October 11, 2007

Only half a day to go...

For those of you keeping track, after having 8 inches of my hair lopped off at my last hair appointment, I had another 3-4 inches chopped off last night. Yikes!! I can't remember the last time my hair was THIS short. At 1:00am, when I got home, I was thrilled. Five hours later, when I got up for work, I was almost in tears. I've been going back and forth about every 30 minutes today.

It started out like this 6 weeks ago (not so much the color, but the length and curl)

Then, last appointment, I left with it looking more like this (again, not the color)

Then, last night when I left, it looked like this, and this IS my color (try to look past the goofy face of this model!) This actually is almost exactly what my hair looks like now, although mine is even a little shorter.

I'm thinking next time, I just may do this (a la Halle Berry)

But, then again, I'd love for it to look like this

See my dilemma? I'm schizo when it comes to my locks!

Holy cow! Can you tell it was a slow school day today? Not that that's a bad thing. The babies were very funny about my hair. They all said something about it, and the general consensus is they like it. Even funnier thing, though. I wore a top today that I've had FOREVER. It's hopelessly out of style, but since I have no sense of style, no biggy. If it's clean, comfortable and keeps me from being naked, I'm wearing it! Almost every single one of the babies gave me a "Mrs. L., I like that shirt." So weird!! When my sister even sees it in my closet, she goes nuts!

I started telling a few parents today about getting rid of the sign out system, and so far, it was met with a good reaction. I made sure to emphasize the fact that this means they can now pick up all their kids at one time on the playground, instead of having to come in for the baby, and out for the older ones. I also made sure to mention that they need to be ON TIME, because the kids will be outside alone. Not really, though, cuz I have a feeling I'm going to be standing outside until they all get picked up! God, I'm a softie!!

Speaking of my being a softie, here's a typical story for our school. As we were coming down from Art today, there was a "big boy" banging on the door to one of the classrooms. Banging and kicking, actually. Apparently, someone came to the door, but didn't open it, because the boy proceeds to yell, "Open the fuckin' door, ho!" Just what my babies needed to hear, huh? So, I immediately say to him, "Excuse me?!" to which he replies (with a face, no less!) "Excuse ME!"

Oh, I was seeing red! I walked right up to his face, and said something to the effect that I don't care if he wants to act like a punk when he's out on the corner with his friends, but now he's in school, and he'd better remember where he is and who he is, and my babies don't need to hear that kind of language. Now, the whole time, he's sucking his teeth and rolling his eye, and acting like I'm not even talking to him! I wanted to punch him in the face! (I should probably mention that being an 8th grader, this kid was at least 6 inches taller than me, and looks like a grown man.)

Someone finally opened the door, and he says "Come on, nigga, we gotta go to library." I said to him, "Go to library, your friends will find their way." He completely ignores me and keeps talking to his friends. I got right in his face, and told him to "Go! Now!" I was seething!

I just couldn't let it go, so a little while later, I sent for the assistant principal, who is also our disciplinarian. I explained what happened, and he said he would handle it. He came back about 10 minutes later with the kid, and the boy looked like he was going to pee on himself. Now, our assistant is a rather large black man, and has an awesome way of intimidating the kids. I can only imagine what he said to the boy. The boy proceeds to apologize to my babies for being disrespectful and using foul language, etc. Then he apologized to me for being so disrespectful. I gave him a little more lecturing about how he's in 8th grade and he's supposed to be setting the example for kindergarten, blah, blah, blah. He apologized again, and said it wouldn't happen again. He seemed genuinely remorseful, and I went soft.

Up until that point, I wanted him suspended, which is the reason I went to Mr. H. in the first place. Mr. H. says, "So what do you think, Mrs. L., 3 days?" meaning a 3 day suspension. Of course, I couldn't do it. Softie!!! If we had an in-school suspension program, I would have said yes to that, but we don't. I told him that his sincere apology was enough, as long as it didn't happen again. Mr. H. told him he should be thanking me, because he wanted to suspend him for 3 days. The relief showed on the boy face, that's for sure. He thanked me, and they left. As soon as they walked out, I realized I should have said he could serve a day of in-school suspension in my room tomorrow, and I would have had him scrubbing chairs and tables, and whatever other crappy chores I could find. Oh, well, I hope he appreciates the break I gave him, and that he doesn't slash my tires tomorrow!!

I'm glad I get to end my week with an easy day. I already told my babies that I would be gone when they come back from gym, and gave them the whole lecture about they had BETTER be good for Mr. S. I hope they are. But, if they're not, I won't be there, so who cares! That's not nice, I know, but it's the truth. Especially on a Friday afternoon!

Ok, time to feed MY baby. It's beef stew tonight. YUM! The perfect thing for a fall night in Chicago, when it's in the glorious 40s. Hurray! It's been bubbling away for almost 2 hours now, and the house smells heavenly.

Quote time:

It takes a village to raise a child. ---African Proverb

This quote came to mind today, because I realized that this boy I had to deal with today obviously needs more guidance than he's getting to get on, and stay on, the right path. I'm happy, and honored, to serve as one of his guides.

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