Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello...does anybody else work here?

OK, so I go to pick up my kids at our new lunch ending time, 11:10, and as I'm walking to the lunchroom, I see the art teacher in the hall outside the lunchroom. He was hanging up pictures on a bulletin board. OK, that's nice, the kids' art should be displayed. However, it's now time for my kids to have art, so why the hell are you still down here on the 1st floor, instead of in your room on the 3rd floor? As my kids line up, I say to them, a little louder than I needed to, "Come on guys, hurry and line up. We're late for art." I'm thinking, maybe he'll realize how late it is, and he'll skedaddle upstairs. No such luck.

So, we start trekking up the 3 flights of stairs. Suddenly, I realized that the lovely woman who helps him in the art room was eating lunch in the lunchroom when I picked up my class. So now, I'm really annoyed with Mr. L. for not having his rear end up in his room. Just as we reached the door of the art room, Ms. H. came running to the room, still chewing her lunch, the poor thing! Now, my anger toward Mr. L. is coming to a head.

First of all, Ms. H. isn't even an employee at our school. She used to be a parent volunteer there for years. These volunteers received a small stipend (I think like $5 per hour.) But, now the board has eliminated those positions at our school. Last year, she still came to school every morning, on her own time, to monitor the bus kids. (These are kids from the neighborhood who get picked up at our school to be bussed to their own school.) She is just the sweetest woman. This year, she's been helping Mr. L. in the art room, and I understand that he is paying her out of his own pocket to be his assistant. Good deal for both of them, I suppose. But, at times, he relies on her too much. She shouldn't have to stop eating her lunch to run up 3 flights of stairs, so she can sit with my kids, while he hangs up kids' pictures. I just really bugged me! Especially since he's legally responsible for my babies from 11:10-11:50 on Wednesday and Thursday. Alright, I think I got it all out of my system now. Moving on...

While I was helping the babies hang up their coats today, I noticed someone, or their coat, absolutely reeked of urine. Yuk! Every once in a while, while giving out hugs, it's easy to tell which of my babies are still bed wetters.

At the end of the day, I read one of my absolute favorite Halloween books to the babies. It's called Boo, and it's by one of my favorite children's author, Robert Munsch. He also wrote my all time favorite children's book, Love You Forever. There's some yelling in the book, which naturally I do at the top of my lungs, and the babies were just howling! It was so great to just listen to their belly laughs. It was a wonderful way to end a day in the hellhole.

The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running. Where it is lacking there are no real students, but only poor caricatures of apprentices who, at the end of their apprenticeship, will not even have a trade. ---Simone Weil


Anonymous said...

just so all of your readers know this is not a one time occurance, literally I believe only a few people work at our school...
1. I have art every monday and thursday at 9:10 (first period of the day, but FORTY MINUTES after you are legally required to be at school.... although two hours after I get there .. but I digress)
Anyway, EVERY TIME I wait outside the door for at least five... but this week TEN minutes... for him to arrive. Then he has the gall to say to me monday when I'm coming in to pick up my kids, that he is just going to leave the room, I can get my kids ready and shut his door because his next period is his only period of the day.
hello ass- this was my only period of the day but I wasted it waiting for you. plus how much prep time do you need to get a plain sheet of paper ready because that is all you give them --you even require them to bring pencils?
2. I started going into the lunch room early to check on my kids. EVERY TIME I do it, at least 15 kids are standing up, two kids are about to get in a fight and a girl was crying the other day. Why aren't we watching the kids? Usually someone is in there, but they aren't ACTUALLY WATCHING. I have gone in and disciplined BOTH classes mannnny times because no one is doing anything. Then when I pick them up, I hear about how they were awful. Well, did you tell them to sit down? Did you notice they were standing? Did you tell two boys who started arguing to stop so it didn't turn into a fight? Did you move some kids to another table? no. so of course they were bad. kids are not magic.
3. the other morning we had two teachers on my hall absent. this was known to administration. there were no substitute teachers up on the hall for about 15 minutes,and kids were RUNNING AROUND EVERYWHERE. the other ms. s and I had to line up three classes in the hallway even though we each had our own classes to deal with. I have 32 of my own kids. I DO NOT need to be standing in the hall fixing other people's lines. But that is not that main point. I would be happy to do it if no one else were around. BUT IF OUR MATH/SCIENCE COORDINATOR WHO HAS NO CLASSROOM IS STANDING THERE NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL while myself and another teacher are corralling literally over one hundred students in the hall, i get pissed.

ChiTown Girl said...

All I can say is, "AMEN to THAT, Sista!" I'm so glad you were able to vent about all that. Too bad you and I both know, that's just the tip of the iceberg!