Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I hate this place, I hate this place, I hate this place....

dorMy Dori was out sick today for the second day. I'm really missing her. She had a total loony bird for a sub (no surprise!) who seemed almost normal in the morning, but then turned out to be crazy like all the rest of the subs we have. The sad thing is, we're just happy when a warm body shows up to sub, so pretty much any nutjob can show up, as long as they have a CPS subcard! As an added bonus, the freakin' office sent a new student to her room today. That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Lunch wasn't as horrible as it could have been today, considering my helper grandma didn't come early enough to cover lunch. Usually 1st grade has lunch at the same time as us, but they were on a field trip, so there was no backup at the lunch line, which was a nice change. I went in, got the babies settled in their seats, but figured I should stay, since Dori's sub was already told by the lunch ladies that she had to stay! Well, as I was sitting there with the babies, I was looking around the room at the 5 lunchroom employees (who are now doing NOTHING since the kids were already served) one of the janitors, two of the assistants (specifically the ones who bitched about the kids in the first place and caused this change!) Dori's sub and myself. 10 fucking adults!!!!! So, being ever the bitch, I say to the assistants, "Does it REALLY take 10 adults to sit here and watch these babies eat lunch?! This is stupid!" I don't think they appreciated my opinion. Oh well, tough shit!! The other 8 people were all sitting together, bullshitting, while the sub and I were opening milk cartons and ketchup packets. I had to literally tell one of the damn lunch ladies she had to get her ass up from the table where my kids were eating because they needed to sit down!!! She was sitting there eating herself!! What the hell!?! A grown woman can't figure out that gee, there are kids standing here holding trays, the rest of the class is sitting around me, hmmm, maybe I should get the hell out of the way!!! AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! I just want to scream at the top of my lungs when I'm there!

That's precisely WHY there are discipline problems in the lunchroom in the first fucking place. You can't sit there and bullshit with your friends, while eating the kids' food, and expect the children to behave on their own. They're KIDS, for Pete's sake!! Kids will do as much as you let them get away with. It's their nature! There wasn't a peep out of them today, because I actually SUPERVISED them. Wow, what a concept! We all sat together, we talked, they ate, it was actually kind of nice. Do I want to do it everyday? Hell no! But, why the hell can't the other supposed adults in that building figure it out?!

Today was Principal For A Day day at all CPS schools. Can you imagine walking into that cluster fuck as the guest principal?! We had a bunch of people come today from some organization (but for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it!). They each went and visited a few classrooms. The woman who came to my room was very sweet. She actually brought Halloween pencils for my kids, which was an unexpected surprise.

Another stupid thing about this joint...there was a list given to us of which visitors would be going to which rooms. The same woman was scheduled to come to both kindergartens. Well, since Dori wasn't here, I told the woman who was coming to our rooms that she could just come to my room the whole time if she wanted, since really, what was the point of hanging out with the sub? The kids weren't going to be doing anything they would normally be doing, etc. So, Ms. V. came to my room. About 10 minutes later, Mrs. T., our "Reading Interventionist" comes into my room, disrupting the whole class, to tell Ms. V., she has been looking for her, and she should be next door, blah, blah. Ms. V. tells her that because there's a sub in there, she was just going to stay in my room. Mrs. T. tells her, no, she needs to go in there. Whatever!! Then, Ms. V. comes back a little later, gets herself settled in again (did I mention she's about 8 1/2 months pregnant?) and a few minutes later, knock, knock, knock, it's Mrs. T. AGAIN! Not only does she interrupt, she proceeds to go to the back of the room where Ms. V. is sitting and starts up an inappropriately loud conversation!! At this point, my babies were all doing quiet centers because I was trying to finish testing them at my desk, and now I can't even hear the baby who is standing in front of me! Naturally, because the grown-ups were being loud, the babies assumed they could be loud, and the noise level just escalated. You would think Mrs. T. would get a clue when I continued to scold my children for being too loud and I kept reminding them I was trying to TEST! Does anyone else in that place have a damn brain cell in their head?!

I really wish I had written down the funny answers from today, but of course, I didn't. One of the girls, though, had me just cracking up the whole test. You really had to be there to see the faces she was making and such, but she was just so cute. There were a few letters she didn't know, and when I pointed to "K" she says, "um...h-something." I guess you had to be there. It was funny to me!

At least my day started on a high note, because as I walked into the library this morning to get coffee and a donut (thank you, Principals-for-the-Day!) I got a great big hug from my upstairs neighbor. And, Ms. R., one of our brand new teachers (who probably wishes every minute that she hadn't accepted this job!) made me laugh. She asked, "Is this the line for coffee?" Naturally, I started to give a smart-assed remark. "No, this is the line for..." and I caught a glimpse of the Big Cheese, so I didn't finish the sentence. But, Ms. R. leans over and says, "the people who want their 20 minute break!" She read my mind! That's exactly what I was going to say. Too funny.

Well, as much as I'd love to keep bitchin' up a storm, alas, I must go help my son with his science fair project. Trust me, I'll be doing a whole different kind of bitchin' in a minute :(

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. --James Baldwin

So perfect for today's rant, because it's so obvious to those of us who have a clue. The kids are so rowdy and out of control because the adults that are supposed to be in charge of them act that way!!

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