Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Way to go, CPS!

Reading this made me physically sick.


Pissed Off said...

That is pretty sickening. I'm so tired of teachers being asked to give back. We have families and bills like everyone else.

Your kindergarten classes are way too big already. I don't know how you manage them all.

Change for Good said...

What asshats....seriously, that is sick. You are already educating an entire VILLAGE. Maybe someone told him that the sup of Louisville Schools makes 262,000 (which is more than the governor of KY makes)! He just wants to catch up.

I would like to see all of our "resource teachers" put back into the classroom. Most of them would die if they actually HAD TO TEACH or WORK.

What is interesting is that they ask teachers to take a hit like it is no big thing. HH says we need to rise and revolt. mortgage is still going to be the same next year, I can't call and tell them I'd like to pay a little less.

I do love children, and I love teaching....but I did get into this as a CAREER as a way to PROVIDE income for myself. I'm tired of the "lets do this for the kids...." etc.