Friday, April 23, 2010

From the writing center...

I hope you can click on this to enlarge it. (Sometimes Blogger is a pain in the ass!)

Just in case it won't enlarge, and/or you can't read Kindergarten, here's the translation:

One upon a time there was a guy called Abiyoyo. He was as tall as a tree and could eat people up. He goes to the sheep pasture. He grabs a whole sheep. He grabs a whole cow. The End.

Abiyoyo is one of my babies' absolute FAVORITE stories. I love that he drew from his prior knowledge (don't you love those buzz words!?) to write this story for me. And, check out some of that inventive spelling. I love that he wrote "hoe" for whole. Too funny!

If you aren't familiar with Abiyoyo, you have GOT to check out this video I found on YouTube. SO COOL!

Oh my hell, I just found this one. It's even cooler!! Oh, how I wish YouTube wasn't blocked at school. I would be showing this to my babies ASAP!

I have the entire collection of Between the Lions videos, and there is one that features Abiyoyo. I can't even tell you how many times my babies have watched it. I also have it on tape for my listening center. They have yet to tire of listening to it. Our version is read by James Earl Jones, which makes it even cooler.


C said...

great books for da kiddies, cheech... i LOVE what lil guy wrote... bwahahahaha "hoe" bwahahahaha

you are such a fucking cute teacher, cheech. wish i would of had someone like you when i was in school... it woulda made a difference!


C said...


my word verif. was MAGGLY.

as in, "i maggly doubt she shit her pants! bwahahahaha lmao


Clippy Mat said...

i tnk dis giye iz gone to be a vey taltend rita wen he gro up.
I love him.

Bestest Friend said...

Thanks for the translation.....I thought he was calling YOU a HO!! Kidding, of course. Re: videos on YouTube, our computer coordinator suggested to some teachers that they save the video (at home) to a flash drive and then use the drive at school to show the video. (Does that make sense? I'm pretty sure that was all they had to do.....)

ChiTown Girl said...

C - you're pretty fuckin' cute yourself!

Clippy - that was hilarious!

Bestest Friend - I will have to try that. I was going to save them to my computer and then burn them to a CD, but the other way seems much easier. If it works, that is...

Angela said...

That was super cute. I love reading students' stories.