Friday, April 30, 2010

Email of the Day

This one made me say, "Ewwww!"

How do you know your butt smells?
Ok, yeah, I know this is just childish and immature, but hey, that's what happens when you spend 90% of your time with 5 year-olds!


Change for Good said...

Ha ha!!! That was funny!!! answer your video questions (I plan on working up an official response to her video at some point)....

I wanted to post the video because there are people out there who have had a really rough go of it. Early out, I did have issues with things I couldn't eat, but I attribute that to having my digestive system completely rewired.

Now, I virtually no issues whatsoever. I don't eat much fried food at all. This is a huge blessing to me, as I used to eat McDonalds twice a day. I do get queasy feeling easy with certain smells (HH cannot bring McDonalds/Taco Bell into the house or eat it in the car with me because it really gets to me that easily). I have always had queasy feelings towards certain things (like watermelon gum)!

I do protein shakes rarely, but if I am not in the mood to eat much on a particular day I will do them. I have found a brand that tastes very close to Kool-Aide, so it isn't a biggie. Early out I did have to do protein supplements because I could not eat enough protein to get what I needed daily. If I were to choose to get really involved in exercise, I would have to up my protein a bit, and the easiest way to do that would be through shakes. I have not had protein malnutrition like Lori. (I've not heard of many who have had this with the DS.)

I am hard core on my lab reports. I get them done three times a year, although I don't have to have them done as frequently now since I am further out. I use the lab information to tweak my vitamin routine. I have struggled wtih my Vitamin A and D, Potassium and Iron (Ferretin) levels.

I do malabsorb heavily. I take 20 pills a day. (10 are calcium...since I am so young, I really need to stay on top of things so I don't lose bone mass.) At first the pills were a bear to deal with, but now they are no big deal at all. They are just part of what I do each day. There is a possibilty I may need an iron infusion to help boost my iron.

I would never recommend this surgery for someone who wouldn't get regular labs done, and take vitamins. You have to be very responsible.

I do have to eat several times a day, but not a big meal....just something (peanuts, a few cheese cubes, etc). I have had some low blood sugar episodes, but not frequently.

Now that I've talked about all the "heavy" the good stuff....I try not to brag, but I can seriously eat whatever I want as long as I do my protein first. My diet is very high in fat. I think my metabolism was broken, and this surgery helped fix it. I had been so heavy for so long, I didn't realize how I had worn out my body.

Thanks for listening....I will answer any questions if you have more. :)

C said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww this just fucking gags me! that is disgusting! how can you not know you didnt wipe enough?

yuk... throws up a little in my throat...


Busy Bee Suz said...

OMG. Are those flies? Maggots? wow. You have changed the outcome of my day now....ewwwwww!!!

dkuroiwa said...

heh heh heh....and yeah...
(i love you. we'll be friends forevah!)

jlo said...

Love it. I love potty humor!!!

miss r said...

That is so disgusting!

ModernMom said...

Bwhaha Oh dear. That is probably not a good sign!!