Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a waste...

...of IMAX tickets. With less than 24 hours notice, we weren't able to make it to Navy Pier tonight to see the movie I won tickets to. Bummer! But, we did spend the evening at my parents' house visiting with them. My aunt (mom's sister) and my brother & his girlfriend also stopped by, so it was nice spending time together. For anyone who may be out of the loop, my mom just returned from 4 months at her villa in Italy. Yeah, rough, right? Unfortunately for her, she spent the day at the hospital today undergoing a battery of tests. She'll be seeing her oncologist in a couple of weeks for the results of today's tests. This is the longest she's gone between tests, because she was in Italy, so of course we're all a little worried. But, we're trying to keep only positive thoughts on the forefront!!

I had bought my mom a game called Wineopoly (yes, Monopoly with wine) as a Welcome Home gift, so we played that for a while. Really cute version of Monopoly, I must say. The playing pieces were a cork, a carafe, a wine bottle, a goblet, a wedge of cheese and a bunch of grapes. We didn't realize until we were putting it away that all the "property" cards had tons of info on the back about the kind of wine that was on the card. (Instead of properties, you buy wines - Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, etc.) We'll have to read them the next time we bring the game out.

Today was an OK day at school. The highlight - there was a Subway fundraiser today, so I had a yummy tuna salad sandwich and Sunchips for lunch. Yay! Apparently, we're going to do this every two weeks. What a great idea! The meal (sandwich, chips and a drink) costs $5, and $1 goes right back to the school. My friend who runs an outside program within the school brought these people in, so kudos to Mr. C.! It was VERY popular with the kids, so it's a win-win situation for everyone. Another highlight of the day - Big Cheese was out! tee hee! Ok, I shouldn't be like that. He's actually being pretty decent this year. I'd better not press my luck with the universe by putting out negative vibes, right?


Jerry Critter said...

Wineopoly. Sounds like a drinking game to me.

Suz said...

bummer on the imax tickets. I would have used them, but I had to wash my hair.
I hope Mom is in good health...I did not know she was having issues.
Wineopoly...sounds like it has MY name on it.
I love subway's Tuna. Something about it...must be all the mayo and fat that makes it so darn good.

Rabidparadise said...

Sorry about the tickets, but WINEopoly? I really neeeeeeed that game. Is there a scrabble version?

The Girl Next Door said...

So sorry on the IMAX tix but what a great game!