Friday, October 24, 2008

Last dig today, I swear!

This song has always made me think of CSJ and HWW, for obvious reasons. I could have written this song about 13 years ago when I threw CSJ out on his ass. This should have been their first song at their wedding a couple of weeks ago!

Dirty Man by Joss Stone

you're a dirty, dirty man
and you, you got a dirty mind
you're a dirty, dirty man
you and that other woman, you're two of a kind
but you forgot one thing baby
when you were doing me wrong...oh
that im a good housekeeper, im gonna take my broom and sweep
all of the dirt, yes sir, out in the street
you're a dirty,o0oh, you're a dirty man
oo in so many, so many dirty ways
you're a dirty, dirty man
and you've been hiding your little dirt, all over this here place
i know you have
oo here's my chance baby, to throw some mud in your face
cuz im a good housekeeper,
im gonna take my broom and sweep
all of the dirt, yes i am, out in the street
ooh i'm cleanin up my whole house, fast as i can
it's time to make everything, oh, spic and span
you're a dirty man, ooh you're a dirty man
oooh oh you've done me dirty for so many years, yes you did
you're a dirty, dirty man, yes you are
o0o0o oh and i'm tired of you, and your woman, and your a dog too
you're a dirty man
you're a dirty man
now get out of my house,
don't you never never never never come back again
don't you never
you're a dirty, you're a dirty man
i'm long done with your dirty ways

You can watch the video of Joss Stone performing this live in New York. I adore her, which is something I don't think I've shared before. (Shoot! I should have saved that tidbit for the next time I'm tagged! haha!)


BusyBeeSuz said...

Great song. Yeah, perfect for an idiotic man.

Rebeckah said...

I just saw that the picture of your little boy is 11 years old. Maybe I shouldn't say I will gobble him up now that he is 16 or 17. : ) WHOOPS! I am praying for that family.