Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome... The Bus Driver. I discovered this blog a few weeks ago, and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it ever since. All of my friends in the education field should check it out, (as well as the rest of you!) because it's really interesting to see another point of view for what happens in our schools.

Just for the record, Twin Boy has been back to his old tricks again for the past two days. Ah, it was great while it lasted...Tuesday, the one boy who had asked to high five him the day before actually said something in the morning about how he hoped Twin Boy was going to have another good day. It was so precious. The morning was ok, but as the day went on, it got progressively worse. By the end of the day he was back to punching people. Today was a train wreck from start to finish. I can't even count how many times he hit someone, and he was disruptive all day. It was very difficult to get our lesson finished, because the other babies were having so much trouble hearing me. Plus, it's hard to concentrate on what The Queen is saying when there's a boy rolling on the floor, throwing things, yelling out, and so on. If only there was another adult in the room, it would change everything.

Another big "break through" with D.B. yesterday. I was making the rounds at lunch, opening milk, ketchup and mustard packets, and sporks. D.B. held up his ketchup packet for me to open, which I did. Then, he held up his mustard and very clearly said, "I don't like this." I almost had to sit down. I've continued to ask him to talk to me throughout the day. If he wants to switch centers, he'll normally come over to me, bang on my arm, and then point at the center he wants to go to. I'll say, "Do you want to go to ______ (dominoes, counting bears, links, etc.)?" He'll nod his head, but then I'll say, "Tell me 'I want to go to dominoes'." He usually will just get out "dominoes," but still, it makes me happy.

When Mom came to pick him up today, I told her about yesterday's sentence, and how he's come so far. She was so happy, and relieved, to hear it. She said D.B. told her "I have to get used to the other kids, Mama." So, naturally, I asked her if he speaks at home, and she said he did. Now, obviously, I have no idea what that really means. He's able to make himself understood without being verbal. I told her that I'd keep working with him, and I joked that I hoped soon enough I would be complaining to her that D.B. can't keep his mouth shut! :)


Suz said...

One step forward....two steps back...Just keep positive. you are making a difference in their lives each day. :)

The Bus Driver said...

Thanks for the welcome!!! I'm glad to be here on blogger ranting about my insanity. I'm glad you've made progress with DB. Hopefully he'll become a regular old chatterbox.