Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you freakin' kidding me?!

OK, I have now been tagged for the THIRD time by my buddy, The Girl Next Door. It is impossible that you guys really need to know that many random things about me, isn't it? But, I promised to oblige my buddy, so here goes:
  1. I know I'm really drunk when I can't feel my face.

  2. I didn't start drinking until after I turned 35. I've had more drinks in the 6 months that the bar has been open than I have in the previous 40 years combined. But, I still don't really 'drink.' Maybe twice a month I'll make myself a martini to sip while I'm working. Usually, it's too busy for me to drink anyway. This past weekend, I had a pumpkin pie martini because, come on, it's pumpkin pie! But, that's it. One martini in the course of the 18+ hours that I worked this weekend. Not bad, right?

  3. I adore all things Latino. Seriously. It's a serious issue. It didn't serve me well in my choice of husband, did it? Most of the men I've dated since CSJ have all been Latino. I just can't resist their charm I guess. And, they're pretty easy on the eyes. Oh, and don't get me started on their "skills".... Besides the men, I could eat Mexican/Puerto Rican/Latino food every single day of my life. I adore Salsa dancing, as well as most other Latin dances (cha cha, merengue, bachata, cumbia...) My friends and I took salsa dancing lessons at a studio downtown for about 5 years. I only stopped because I started grad school, and the classes were on the same night. I said I would start again after I graduated, but now I'm too busy juggling three jobs, and trying to pay off that grad school tuition! Latino people are some of the warmest, friendliest, most generous people I've ever met. OK, I'm moving on, this is getting too long...
  4. I absolutely can NOT read this book without crying like a baby. Can't do it. I've been trying for almost 15 years, and I have yet to be successful. I stopped reading it to my babies at school because I would always cry and it bothered them.

  1. One of my absolute favorite smells is wet/damp leaves on a cool fall night. It instantly takes me back to my childhood, and makes me think of Halloween.
  2. I worked in the grocery business for over 10 years. There are many days when I sit at the Hell-Hole and wish I was at the grocery store! For my Chicago friends - My first job was at Dominick's as soon as a turned 16. I started as a bagger, then after a few month I was promoted to cashier. Within a year I was running the front end. I left Dominick's after 5 years to work for an independent grocery chain (Centrella) and eventually became store manager when they bought a third store in Midlothian. I loved working with the public, which I suppose is why I love working at the bar.
  3. This one is a tangent of Number 6, I suppose. I met CSJ at Dominick's. He worked there when he was between jobs. He was only there about 3 or 4 weeks, and we only worked together once. I was obviously in high school then, so I worked nights and weekends. CSJ was out of school, so he worked days. However, I asked to be the opening cashier on Thanksgiving (so I could be home in time for dinner with the family) and guess who the opening bagger was. Go 'head, guess. Yep, the cocksucker himself! That was the only morning we ever worked together, but apparently he fell head over heels in love (haha!) and had to have my number. About a week later we went on our first date, and the rest is tragedy. I mean history. We saw each other literally every single day from that point on, pretty much until I threw his ass out! Ah, good times, good times....

Well, I guess that's it. Once again, I'm not going to tag anyone, since there isn't anyone left to tag!

BTW, school was actually pretty nice today. The kids have Friday off, which is going to make this week easier to get through. Our copy lady wasn't at school today, so the kids didn't get homework packets. I don't know if I'll even bother since they'll only have 2 nights to do homework before they have to bring it back on Thursday. Yeah, I guess I'll save a tree and skip the papers this week.


Christina Shaver said...

I have made up a little song to that I Love You Forever book that I sing to Evan. Now, he asks me to sing him the song at night before he goes to bed! Too cute.

The Girl Next Door said...

THAT BOOK! I can't believe it! i still cry after nearly 16 years of reading that book! And I put the whole "I'll love you forever I'll like you for always.." part to "music" and would sing it to Daughter. Oh crud, i think I'm going to cry right now...

The Girl Next Door said...

oh and that's too weird while I was typing my comment, so was Christina shave and we said the same thing....spooky...

Suz said...

That books brings me to tears as well as the "runaway bunny".
I love mexican food too, just not the men. :)
I dated a few "tan" men in my day, they were never very good.
Pumpkin martini...get me one!!!

-jd said...

I have the same problem with that book. I read it once to Kayla when she was littler, haven't read it since. There are other books too, but to save myself from revealing too much...I'll just say that.


Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

I totally have that book too!!! It's in the "don't touch this book pile... it's mommy's!" (see... the two younger ones think it's funny to rip pages out of books... and I have some that I like that I refuse to let them rip up)

Ok... John and I have talked it out... I need a list of hotels from you near the bar you work at. (Preferrably some place with in walking distance or driving like a block!) We are planning on coming up on Nov. 6th and staying in your part of town that night and then heading into Chicago friday through sunday. We have the nanny, now we just need to shop smart for hotels to stay in! I know you have to work friday morning so we won't keep you up too late!

If you wanna email me some info that would rock. (i.e. I lost your phone number so that would rock, the bar's address, and the hotels...)

Thank you!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN=888 said...

Hey there! So glad to be catching up around here again.

Funny, I worked at Jewel on Racine for the longest time!!! Good times!

A family in Iowa. said...

Holy tag-ola. Well played, my friend!! :-)

Smileygirl said...

shit, I forgot what I was going to say.

But, the not drinking thing brings back memories of Margaritas in Laguna Beach with Frank and Tom. What a fun visit that was!

Smileygirl said...

oh! The can't feel my face thing! That is SOOOOO TRUE!!

I'm about 3.5 sips away from that right now my friend!!!

Clippy Mat said...

that bloody book drives me nuts.
i know i'm a bad person.
i can't help it.
heard it for 11 yrs straight when i worked in the nursery school and it now gets on my last nerve.
and why does he have to make such a flaming mess in the bathroom?
little bugger.
and his mother's got issues.
crazy lady.

Anonymous said...

Can't join in with you folks on the Love You Forever book. That mom is a serious stalker. And over the years as a teacher I've heard both sides: It's the greatest and sweetest book ever!!! Oh, that's ssssooo creepy -- she's twisted!!

The worst part about that book is -- copies of it keep appearing in my house. Book drives. Needy Family Giveaway bags. School lending libraries.

This book is my Nemesis...!!!!

jlo said...

I have to know how the pumpkin martini was. I'm kind of a whore for anything pumpkiny!!
P.S. Thanks for checking me out!! I'll be beack for more after work!!