Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lawd, I'm sooo tired.....

Went to bed at 5 am after working all night at the bar, then had to get up at 7 (!) to drive Stud Muffin to school for a Saturday detention!!! God, motherhood is the bomb!! I'm going to try to fall back asleep for a while, since I get to go back to the bar tonight for, oh, about 12 hours!!! Sadly, I know I won't really fall asleep completely, because I'm already afraid I won't wake up in time to pick him up after his detention. It's going to be a looonnnggg Saturday..... :(


Suz said...

He has a saturday detention???
He should walk, take the bus or ride his bike!!!!
Momma needs her sleep.

Clippy Mat said...

yep, agree with suz.
make him get the bus.
then he'll think 2X about getting a saturday detention.
YOU didn't get it.
he did.
be strong
clippy :-)

Suz said...

Hey need to edit your blog. The girls really just read the comments you guys leave me.
they don't have time to go visit other blogs...I keep them TOO busy!
And yes, I may send them to you this next summer. :)