Monday, October 13, 2008


The rules:
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OK, so I've been tagged by Suz. (I also stole that cute clip art from her, cuz I was too lazy to look for another one!) She provides me with my daily dose of laughter, whether it's through her blog, or just by the comments she leaves on mine! Love her! My favorite Suz comment of all time: "May they have a life full of venereal diseases."
  1. I almost always leave my back door unlocked, whether I'm home or not. Yeah, I know, probably not a good idea, but I figure I have a very loyal alarm system to let me know if someone's coming in, so I don't worry. When I'm not home, I know he does a good job of guarding our castle. And, I'm too lazy to dig out my keys to unlock the door, especially since my arms/hands are usually full of whatever crap I'm bringing in the house.
  2. I could live on chocolate. Seriously.
  3. I still sneak into my son's room when he's sleeping to look at him, brush his hair off his forehead, and kiss him. When he's sleeping, he looks exactly the same to me now as he did as a newborn.
  4. I love sending out Christmas cards! I usually start preparing around this time of the year. It takes me a long time to pick just the right pictures for the cards (I now seriously start thinking about my Christmas card pictures around New Year's Day, and stay on the lookout all year for a good one! Unlike my friend Suz, I do NOT take good pictures!) I send out about 120 cards, which is why I start now. They are always put in the mailbox the day before Thanksgiving, ensuring that they are received the day after Thanksgiving, thus kicking off the "holiday season!" I know, I'm ill!!
  5. I really love to cook, and really, REALLY love to bake! Yet another reason I wish the weather her in ChiTown would stay below 70 all year! It's also the reason I just spent a fortune refinishing my basement, which now has a complete second kitchen (MUCH nicer than my "real" kitchen upstairs!) I can NOT wait to do my holiday baking this year!!!!
  6. As completely exhausted as I've been due to working at the bar, I would quit my "real" job in a heartbeat and work there full-time. That is, if the business was established enough to provide me a salary, of course. I'm very much a "people person." I love talking to our customers, and interacting with all the people who come in to the bar. Our regulars are awesome, and just a lot of fun to be around. I know I could never completely leave my babies at school, but if I were able to do the bar full-time, that would leave my days free to volunteer at school, ensuring that I can do all the fun stuff, and not have to deal with all the BS. I'm hoping that by this time next year, the bar is at the stage where I can do just this.
  7. I have a very sick, twisted, somewhat immature obsession with penguins. I've posted about this before.
I could probably list a million more weird things about me, but I'll save them for the next time I get tagged. ;-)
Here's my list of friends who will now curse me for tagging them - Smileygirl, Miss R, Christina, Carebear, Dana, The Girl Nextdoor, and Rabidparadise.


laughingatchaos said...

You know...speaking as a former teacher...if you have a countdown clock IN OCTOBER!!! you really do need to get out of that school. LOL
My XMAS cards tend to be photographed, uploaded to Costco, picked up, and mailed off within about 48 hours. In mid-December. XMAS isn't my holiday, Thanksgiving is. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

Girl, I put that countdown up in September! haha!

Suz said...

Very cool that you have 2 kitchens.
Do you keep a list of all your Christmas cards???? Does EVERYONE in CHITOWN get one???
Oh, I forgot to hit the penguin link...almost scared.
The v.d. quote is priceless. I don't know where that stuff comes from????

Suz said...

The penguin bathroom is great. IT is good to have some sort of obsession....and that one is healthy.

Rabidparadise said...

Getting right on top of that teacher ma'am! Two kitchens? Can you feel the jealousy radiating from my keyboard??
PS.Thanks for all your kind comments! You really brighten my day! XO

Christina Shaver said...

Christmas cards??????? Already?!??!?! I'm seriously, not joking, three years behind on my Christmas cards. THREE YEARS.

Mars that rebel artist said...

Chitown, if that dog in the photo is your "alarm system," you'd better go buy a gun. Fer realz!

P.S. Looking forward to reading another teacher slash mama blog. I've been writing 3 different blogs myself (one as an artist, one as a mom, one as a teacher trying to change teaching) and sometimes it's just ridiculous. "Be Whole!"

Lakeland Jo said...

please do some holiday baking and send it across to me in England!

Anonymous said...

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