Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Next Season on Dancing with the Stars...

(Thanks, Bro, for emailing me this! It made me laugh out loud!)

The past few days have been so unbelievably sad, that I wanted to take a mental break for something silly and light-hearted. (Isn't Photoshop amazing?)

Yesterday, I sent Twin Boy home with a note because he had such a GREAT day! He kept his hands and feet to himself all day, he was pretty quiet for the most part, and he did just about everything I asked of him. The rest of the babies noticed it too, just like last time, and they all had to high-five him at the end of the day. He was beaming!! This morning, his dad brought him, and I asked if he saw the note. He did, and I told him how proud I was of Twin Boy, and Twin Boy assured me that today would be a great day, too. Yeah....well.....not so much.

I had to send him back to his seat during calendar time because he absolutely would NOT stop touching the kids around him. When we were ready to go on to some counting activities (about 5 minutes later) I told the group to hold on a minute because I wanted Twin Boy to come back, because "he's so good at this game." He came back, sat right next to me, and then started to cry. Not loud, disruptive crying, but just big, sad tears rolling down his chubby cheeks. I wish I knew what was going through his head at that particular moment. Was he feeling bad for disrupting our calendar time? Was he embarrassed? Was he moved because I said he was good at the game? I truly wish I knew what it was that made him cry.

Twin Boy is also back to all the disgusting nose-digging again!! Ugh!!! I think he does it just to set off the others, because they all start yelling, "Twin Boy is digging in his nose!" I can't stand it. It's absolutely revolting. Between his nose and his ears, that boy digs more than a miner! Ick! I know it sounds mean, but that's what keeps me from hugging him more. I just don't want him touching me with those hands, I'm sorry.

The babies have been busy making Halloween projects. I finally remembered to take my camera to school today to show you what they've been up to. I may just take some close-ups tomorrow to you can see them in detail. I cut out the scarecrows, but they cut out their own witches. The pumpkin lanterns were all them, except that I stapled them together. There's something about little kids' arts and crafts that touches me somewhere deep inside. I think it's because they aren't afraid to truly express themselves creatively yet. I love it!
OK, this has nothing to do with school, but I have to show these pictures to somebody! Last Friday, I picked up my son and his best friend from school, and then we all came here. Long story short, his buddy never went home, and spent the night. (Not an unusual occurrance.) The next morning, I went down in the basement to do some laundry, and saw this. (That's my gorgeous new bamboo floor in the basement, by the way. Don't you love it!?)
I was cracking up!! It was like looking at a father and son's shoes. Oh, wait! I just remembered that you saw my son and his best friend's picture together from homecoming. It's so funny to me that they are so different in size. His buddy is just now wearing clothes I handed down to him in about 4th or 5th grade. My son refers to his buddy as "Mini Me" sometimes, which cracks us all up.
OK, I gotta run because Dancing with the Stars is on, and I'm waiting to hear that Cloris Leachman is leaving tonight. Good Lord, it had BETTER be her!! I'm so glad Carrie Anne (I haven't a clue how she actually spells her name) finally said what the rest of us were thinking last night. You go, Girl! Ugh, it's time for Michael Flatley (again, no idea how to spell that) is about to perform. Maybe this is a good time to run downstairs and do some laundry...


BusyBeeSuz said...

Sorry about the kids behaving badly...again.
The picture of Obama and Palin. FUNNY!!!!
The shoes. FUNNY!!!
Someone has really big feet, or someone has really small feet. Cute.

jlo said...

Love the pumpkin lanterns. I love doing crafts with kids too. it warms me right up!
Funny picture. My friend sent it to me too and i laughed out loud.
Good-bye Cloris!!

Christina Shaver said...

I can't believe your kids sit long enough to color those huge pictures. I am completely impressed.

And the shoes! That is a hoot.

Jason said...

Ah yes, the nose digging. Such fun.

I love those things you're displaying the art projects on--the round ones.

And yes, at first glance, I really did think these were shoes from a father and son.

Have a great weekend!

Smileygirl said...

Ok that pic had me laughing too. Sarah and Obama make quite a snazzy couple!

Thanks for your love on my blog(s). I feel it from all the way across the land!!!

Hugs to you and Lex.


Smileygirl said...
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Rabidparadise said...

Will you pretty please be my babies teacher? Why can't I find any teachers around here that seem to care as much as you do?
You rock, and LOVE the Obama & Palin pic! I want a bumper sticker! LOL