Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Has it really been a week?

I can't believe I let an entire week go by without a post. Shame on me!! I better get back on track, huh? I was so good last school year, and literally posted every single school day. Man, I've become such a slacker...

Recent conversation:

Smart Boy: Mrs. L., Twin Boy keeps breathing by me!!!

Me: And....

Smart Boy: His breath STANKS!!

Me: Oh....hmmm....Twin Boy, did you remember to brush your teeth this morning?

Twin Boy: No. I don't have a toothbrush.

Me: (Trying to hide my shock/disgust) You don't have a toothbrush?!

Twin Girl: Yes he does! He just doesn't use it!

Me: (Now stifling a giggle) Ok....well, Twin Boy, you need to brush in the morning, ok? Twin Girl, maybe you can remind him.

Twin Girl just looked at him in disgust and turned around.

When the babies finish their name papers, I let them turn them over and draw me a picture while the rest finish. Last week, naturally, all the babies had Halloween on the brain. On Thursday, David drew an awesome picture of three "things" that I thought were kids in Halloween costumes. When I asked him, he said, "No, those are monsters!" Then he went back to drawing. When it was time to clean up, he brought me his paper, and showed me what else he drew. "That's me. And those are the monsters, and I'm kicking their butts!" I gave him a 'look,' because I tend not to condone violence, but he thought the look was for something else. He looked panic-stricken and immediately says, "Oh, um, I mean I'm kicking their bottoms." It was hysterical!

So, last Wednesday, Glasses decided to steal from me. He wouldn't be still or quiet during rest time, so I finally had to make him sit by the door (our naughty spot). Suddenly, I hear the sound of a bunch of 'things' hitting the floor. I look over at him, and I see a few of my counting bears on the floor. I asked, "Where did those come from?" and he just looks at me. I tell him to put them away, and go back and sit down. He does, and a few minutes later, the same thing happens. So I say, "Do you have my counting bears in your pockets?" He shakes his head. I tell him to come over to my desk, and I ask him again if he has my counting bears in his pockets. Again, he says no. So I tell him, "Come here, I want to check your pockets." Well, then he looked worried. Sure enough, he pocket was filled with my counting bears! Ugh! I wanted to smack him!! Not so much for taking the bears (he certainly isn't the first to do that, and he won't be the last) but for lying right to my face about it! There is NOTHING I hate more than lying. NOTHING! I let him have it, telling him, among other things, that the next time he steals from me, I'll be calling the police. Then I sent him back to the door.

Forward to Friday (Halloween). Every Friday, the babies take their Treasure Test, which is simply a test on their sight words. The Treasure Words (sight words) are from our reading program. I don't like the way they introduce words because I think they go WAY too slow. We are now 10 weeks into school, and they are only expected to know 7 freakin' words!! But, I digress. If they can read all the Treasure Words to me on Friday, they get a treat. I always give them Smarties. (Smarties for my smarties!) There are a couple of kids who still haven't passed the test even once, despite there only being six words on the list up to that point. D.B. is one of those kids. Last week, I gave the babies two "bonus words," and told them that if they could read the bonus words, too, they would get an extra treat. OK, so D.B. comes over for his test. Up until this point, he's only been able to tell me "we." Well, he had obviously been working hard that week on his words, because he was able to read 5 out of the six words, and one bonus word!! I was shocked and thrilled! He finally earned his Smarties!

What the hell does all this have to do with Glasses you're wondering, right? Well, normally I give them their treats in the afternoon, but last Friday, we did our test before lunch since the rest of the day was going to be tied up with Halloween activities. When we were lining up for lunch, D.B. comes over and bangs on my arm, and says, "My candy." (If you're a regular reader, you'll know that's only the third time he's said more than one word at a time to me.) I figure out that he doesn't have his candy, so I ask, "Did someone pick up D.B.'s candy?" Nobody had it. I ask again, "Who has D.B.'s candy? It didn't just disappear." No one 'fesses up. I finally say, "We are NOT going to lunch until D.B. gets his candy back!" A couple of the babies say, "Glasses took it." So I ask him, "Do you have D.B.'s candy?" "No." I get closer to him. "Did you take D.B.'s candy?" Again, "No." "So, if I check your pockets right now, I'm not going to find his candy?" "No." I took a couple of steps toward him, and he knew I was going to check, so he says, "Well, maybe if somebody put it there." I seriously saw red!!! I had to stop myself from cracking him one! Naturally, the candy was in his pocket. My blood was seriously boiling. Again, it was more the lying RIGHT TO MY FUCKING FACE that bothered me than the stealing. Although, the stealing really pissed me off, too, because poor D.B. worked hard to earn that treat, and this little shit goes and steals it!! AAAUUUGGGHHH!! Naturally, Glasses is one of the three that hasn't learned his words yet. I really want to smack his parents for being so completely uninvolved with their child. Again, I digress...

I made him sit at the table with me during lunch, away from the rest of the babies. I already told him before we left the room that he would NOT be going to the parade, he would NOT be participating in the party, he would NOT be getting any treats, etc... On the way to the lunchroom, I brought him over to our security guard to ask her if she would keep him while the rest of us went to the parade, and she laid into him, too. She suggested we call the police. I said I was going to seriously think about it. On Friday, we have gym, so of course, I made him stay with the security guard while I took the rest of the class up to the gym. Then, while walking back down the four freakin' flights of stairs (!) I decided that I was just going to call his house and have him picked up. There was no reason for him to stay, since he was NOT going to be participating in ANY of the Halloween fun.

I called his home number, and got no answer. I called the emergency number, which I think was his aunt, and a woman answered. I told her who I was, and that I tried calling his mom, but there was no answer, and then asked if she had another number. She asked what number I called, and I told her, and she says, "Oh, that's the right number. As a matter of fact, I was just talking to her." So, I figure, that's why she didn't answer, she was on the other line. I thank the aunt, and tell her I'm going to call again. She says, "Oh, no, I'll call for you. If she sees it's the school, she won't answer." Of course!! Why would you answer if your child's school is calling? I mean, hell, your child could have been in a terrible accident or something, so why would you need to know that?! Ugh! Anyway, I tell the aunt the whole story and tell her to tell the mom that she needs to come get him right now. That was at 11:00. Guess who was still there at 2:45? Guess who had to sit in the naughty spot all freakin' day (because I couldn't send him to another classroom, since everyone was celebrating)? Guess who bugged me all afternoon, mostly because everytime I turned my back, he was poking his head around the corner and making faces at the rest of the class? Eh....alright, ChiTown, let it go, it was days ago.... Glasses didn't come to school yesterday, although I doubt it had anything to do with what happened on Friday. Guess who didn't really care, and just enjoyed a day without Glasses? Now guess who is on the express train to hell for feeling that way about a little boy? Just trying to keep it real....

Wow, I guess this saga makes up for a week of no posts, huh? I'm gonna let you off the hook, and not write anymore tonight. I think my son and I are going to have a movie night, since the only thing on TV right now is all election related, and I can't take anymore!


Clippy Mat said...

Yes it HAS been a week.
Don't do that again.
Good post tho'. Those little tykes are keeping you busy that's for sure.

The Bus Driver said...

wow... in a way i feel sorry for glasses. but then i totally understand your frustration. I was frustrated with some of my highschoolers who insist on staying on the bus all the way around instead of walking to their houses...... gah! i need to rant more in my blog lol

Rabidparadise said...

I wish I was Glasses Mommy. It infuriates me to see parents who don't care. Grrrrrr!!!