Friday, September 28, 2007

Flat Friday

OK, weird title, I know, but it best describes how I felt today. Flat. Not in a bad mood, but not in a particularly good one, either. Just flat. I missed my Dori, and her kids were off the wall. She's not going to be happy about it on Monday. I had intended to go into her room, and make sure it wasn't destroyed, but I was in such a hurry to leave this afternoon, I forgot all about it.

Overall, my babies were pretty good today. They even earned an extra treat because they walked back from the gym (all the way from the freakin' 4TH FLOOR!) very quietly and without incident. Yay, Room 104! The only child that gave me any problems today was Mr. T.D.

I realize I haven't really complained about him before, but T.D. has a been a royal pain since Day 1. I had his brother last year (and the year before that, actually. Long story...) and he couldn't be more opposite. Last week, I caught his dad one afternoon as he was dropping off his youngest at preschool, and I had him take T.D. aside and talk to him. The very next day, T.D. was standing outside the lunchroom when I came to pick up my class. When I asked Ms. B. why he was out there, she said he had poured his carton of milk over the head of another little boy in my class! Oo, I wanted to give him a thrashing! So, I made sure the preschool teacher sent Mom or Dad over after they dropped off the little sister. Mom's reaction was to tell him to get his things, and she took him home. However, I don't think it was for any real consequence, though. I really think he just went home and watched T.V. the rest of the day. Quite frankly, I really didn't care at the time, because at least he wasn't there bugging me anymore. (That is wrong on so many levels!)

I know Mom is doing the best she can do, but I think she's only about 22 or 23, and she has 3 kids, ages 7-4. She's really just a child herself. T.D. was in rare form today, and when Mom came to get him, I let her know what's been going on, and gave her some suggestions for consequences that she can do at home. I don't know if she'll follow through, but it's worth a shot. Last week, after the milk incident, she told me she didn't know what to do with him because "he's so bad! I can't even get a babysitter to stay with my kids because of him!" Yikes! I'm going to try and find some things I can give her to read over that might give her some ideas on how to handle him. I'd really like to call up ABC and send over Super Nanny, Jo Frost. She's just what he needs! "That is unacceptable! On the naughty spot, young man!"

I have a great positive for today. Actually it started out as a negative, but quickly turned around. We have snack time, in the lunch room, at 1:30 every day. This was the arrangement we made with the Big Cheese last year when we agreed to have our lunch at 10:30. There was no way my babies could go from 10:30 until almost 3:00 without eating. So he agreed to let us have a snack at 1:30, after the last classes of "big kids" had lunch. We usually just put aside one component from their lunch, like the cookie or apple, and then give it to them for snack. It actually works out best all the way around, because the lunch is too much food for a 5 year-old to eat all at once, and it would just get thrown away anyway. This way, there's no wasted food, which makes me feel better.

Today, however, the 6th-8th graders were having a reward day and needed the lunch room for an ice cream party. So, too bad for us. We were able to get a snack brought to our room, but that meant no potty break for me. Boo hoo. Ah, but then Mrs. W. came to the rescue. She is the grandma of one of my boys, and she's been coming almost every day to help out. She usually helps in the lunch room, starting with our class, and stays until all the kids have been fed, then she does snack with our kids. I didn't see her today at lunch, but when we took our bathroom break in the afternoon, right before snack time, there she was!

She was gracious enough to agree to sit in my room while the kids ate their Rice Krispie Treats so I could run to the bathroom. On my way back from the bathroom, one of the 7th grade teachers grabbed me and asked if I would like some ice cream. Is The Pope Catholic? Yes, thank you, I would LOVE some ice cream! Not only did they have ice cream for the kids, the teachers brought crock pots, and had hot fudge and caramel sauces, as well as strawberry sauce and whipped cream. It was glorious! I guess a better title for today would have been Fattening Friday, huh? Actually, in my defense, I only at a few spoonfuls of my caramel, hot fudge, whipped cream concoction, and then I saved the rest for my son, since he was due to get off the bus at any moment. He thoroughly enjoyed his share of the sundae, as well.

When I got back to my room, Mrs. W. had all the babies sitting quietly, with their heads down. They were going around the room, telling about their last birthday celebration. It was precious. I didn't know she'd be so great at keeping them engaged. I may just have to use her skills more often!

Good Lord! I've had my radio on for some background noise, and The Macarena just started! When's the last time you heard that, outside of a wedding or block party? I'm fighting the urge to get up and do the dance!!

Well, the weather here in Chicago is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, so I plan to completely relax and enjoy myself. I may just try and soak up the last of the summer rays in my hammock. My sister and nieces are supposed to come over tonight so we can light the firepit and make s'mores. My son and I stopped for a bundle of wood and s'more fixin's on the way home, and I'm looking forward to seeing my girls. On that note, I'll leave with you with today's quote, and wish you a relaxing weekend of your own!

It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he
already knows. ---Epictetus

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