Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Do you think sex education should come from the parents, the school, or a mix of both?

Hmmm, this is a good one.  Ideally, I think it should come from parents.  I also know that, sadly, some parents can't or won't handle this stuff with their kids, whether it's because they are uncomfortable with it, or they just don't know how to handle it.  Hell, some really just don't have the information themselves!  So, in cases like that, I prefer the kids get something from school, instead of getting NO information.

As I sit here typing, there is a storm raging outside my kitchen window.  I LOVE it!!  We're supposed to get several inches of snow today.  Luckily, Stud didn't have class today (some kind of faculty meeting day) so at least he won't be driving around in this mess.  I just hope Magnum isn't outside right now, at his parents', trying to shovel.  There's no point in doing anything right now, since it's still coming down like crazy.

My sister and I were on the phone for a while today, trying to take care of some stuff for my daddy's party, which is a week from Sunday.  Man, that snuck up on us!  We still have to figure out what the hell we're doing for centerpieces and decorations.  We also want to put together some photos of my dad, probably in some kind of slide show, that we can play at the party. 

The sweet table is all taken care of, though, thanks to our awesome family.  (Italians can NOT have a party without a sweet table!)  My brother's girlfriend is going to be bringing her chocolate fountain, along with all the yummies to dip in it.  You may remember she did that for my niece's 18th birthday party. 

A couple of weeks ago, one of our cousins (on my dad's side) called to ask if she could basically take care of the sweet table as her gift to my dad.  Now, let me tell you, this particular cousin is the Cookie Queen in our family.  I could do an entire post about her mad skills, so suffice it to say, we were thrilled!  She's making about 5 or 6 different kinds of cookies.  She probably already started baking because the things she makes are very labor intensive.  Many of them are traditional Italian sweets, and all of them are definitely labors of love!  I've been stressing since she called because I'm terrified that I'm not going to be able to resist nibbling at least one of each of whatever she makes!  The things she makes are ONLY made by her, so we don't get to enjoy them very often.  She does NOT share recipes.  They are all his mother's, who also did NOT share recipes.  Well, except with her daughter!  If you asked my aunt for a recipe, she would just say, "Oh, you like those?  Oh, ok, I'll make you some!"  Next thing you know, you'd have several dozen treats at your door.  So, yeah, we're pretty damn excited that this will be her gift. =)

Yesterday, another cousin (this one on my mom's side) called to say she'd like to take care of the cake for the party.  What the hell?!  As it stands right now, we'll be enjoying a half yellow cake with cannoli filling/half chocolate cake with strawberry and/or banana filling, all frosted in whipped cream.  Well, I hope just the guests will be enjoying it, and that I'll be able to have some willpower.  Although, damn I love me some cannoli-filled cake! =(

While we were on the phone (for over an hour!) my sister sent me some pictures.  One is of my oldest niece in the outfit she'll probably be wearing to the party.  I think she looks pretty cute.  Then again, I may be a bit biased.  That's her puppy, Charlie, in her arms.  (And ignore the pile of towels waiting to be folded on my sister's couch!)
She also sent me a couple of "after" pictures of my other niece's bedroom.  I suppose they would be more interesting to you if I had "before" photos to go along with them, huh?  Well, I'm going to share them with you anyway, because my sister is uber talented and TOTALLY missed her calling as an interior decorator.  I've been trying to get her to pursue this as a career, but she just won't.  It's really annoying, quite frankly.  She has completely decorated/redecorated several of our family members' homes, as well as some friends' homes.  But, whatever, I can't make her become rich and famous, now can I?

Anyway, here are just a couple of shots of basically one corner of the room. 

She had this great idea to create a vanity out of a mirror and a decorative shelf a friend gave her.  She covered the top with decorative contact paper.  She also gave a facelift to some framed prints she had, so they would match.  You can see one there on the left.  I love the Princess decal on the wall, too!
Because my niece's bedroom is so tiny, my sister took out all the bulky furniture that used to be in there, and decided to put a big comfy chair in the room for my niece to lounge in while she does her homework, or reads, or whatever.  I love the funky little ottoman she found.  And, it opens for storage!
My sister found those wall decals at Menard's, and sort of used that as the jumping point for the decor.  My niece hasn't seen them yet, so I hope she likes them.  She did see the bedding and new curtains, though, and likes them. 
I hope she loves the new room, and appreciates her mother's hard work.  My sister's boyfriend has been teasing her since she finished the room this past weekend, and keeps calling the room her "new apartment."  He says she's not even going to let her daughter go in there, since it's all so pretty and cozy now.  She told him HE wasn't allowed in there, either! ;-)

I suppose I should go do something around here, since I won't be venturing out in this storm.  Maybe some laundry or something?  Don't be jealous of my glamorous life, now!  I did start a crockpot full of meatballs in tomato sauce before I sat down to post, and the kitchen is starting to smell yummy!  But, this blustery weather is kinda making me crave chili.  Maybe I'll make a pot of that, too.  Then I won't have to cook for a couple of days, right?  Yeah, right!  You've never seen Stud eat!  Gotta love a teenage boy's ability to pack it away. 

Oo, speaking of my Stud Muffin, I've been meaning to post this silly picture for a week now.  The other day he came home from class with this for his mommy.
It's probably hard to tell in this crappy picture from my phone, but it's a paper flower in a paper vase.  He's so silly!  I'm so glad he was able to take a couple of art classes this semester, so he can really stretch his creativity.

Ok, NOW I'm going to go do something.  See you tomorrow. =)


joe said...

Nice work on the room (:

Busy Bee Suz said...

SM is so talented and funny. It would make me even happier to know if that is a reused paper towel. LOL
I LOVE her bedroom.....I could move in right now. Do you think she would mind a strange 45 year old woman moving in with her? Nahhhh.....
I don't think there is enough sex education at home or school. What they (parents and schools) need to be teaching is pride in ones self and not to give your cookies away!
Oh, did I just write that?

M said...

Room is cute! Flower is cool! Enjoy the snow!! Finally we had a little sunshine here :)

Sonya Ann said...

I love how your family is so close and in everyone else's lives. It must be wonderful! I think that it would be great to have someone to talk to all the time.

La Roo said...

Your sis has quite the eye for decor. What a nice job she did.
Ok I love Italian cookies. Oh my! My mouth is watering reading about the sweet table.
Hubby and I have a certain cookie we get every time we go to our fave Italian deli. i don't know what its called. i usually refer to it as a "party in my mouth".
I'll take a picture of it sometime and put it on my blog to show you.
Have a wonderful day girlie!