Friday, February 8, 2013


Friday, February 8, 2013
Name the most romantic movie of all time.

Sheesh, I have no idea.  I just watched Dirty Dancing this past weekend, so that jumps to mind.  And, yes, I think it's romantic!

Holy cow, I really can't think of one!  I think I prefer comedies, or even romantic comedies, so maybe that's the problem?  I know tomorrow, I'll think of 20.  Why don't you tell me what YOUR pick is in the comment section, so then I can feel really stupid.


otin said...

Say Anything

Clippy Mat said...

Cheech, "The Way We Were" hands down. come on, Babs and Robert?

Funny in My Mind said...


ChiTown Girl said...

Otin - Never saw it
Clippy - Never saw it
Funny - I know I saw it, but remember NOTHING about it. Well, except for something about hot chocolate, right?

What the hell is wrong with me!?

Cyndy Newsome said...

I love Dirty Dancing. Another all time favorite is 50 First Dates! I love romantic comedies too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm with OTin....I DO love that one. And When Harry Met Sally.
Or You've Got Mail.
Pretty Woman.
Or.....oh geeze too many to mention.

Melanie said...

Bridget Jones' Diary