Saturday, February 9, 2013

For my heart...

For today's post, I wanted to stick to the Feb. theme for NaBloPoMo, which is Love & Sex.  But, I couldn't really pull a post together that was worth reading.  Or, at least Rated PG. ;-)

So, I thought instead I would completely bore the hell out of you.  Well, I can kinda make it fit the theme, as it has to do with my heart.  My heart's health, actually.

I took a little trip to Sam's Club this afternoon, with a very short list in mind.  Basically, my list was "produce, cream, lunchmeat."  Easy peasy, right?

Well, somehow, I managed to fill a cart, as always!  But, I DID stick to my list.

I love the prepackaged lunchmeat at Sam's.  I believe the brand is Castlewood.  There are always containers of it in our fridge.  It's really convenient for us, now that we're all on a no/low carb kick.  I always get angus roast beef, as that's Stud's favorite.  I also always get angus corned beef, as it's Monkey's favorite.  As a matter of fact, here's a cute picture of her from last week, stuffing it in her face with both hands!!
The plate has tomatoes (her favorite!!) and chicken sausage on it.  She wasn't diggin' the sausage very much, which is why I had to go with the sure thing - corned beef!

Anyway, back to our lunchmeat.  (Hey, I WARNED you this was a boring post!)  I usually get some black forest ham, cuz that's what Magnum and I like.  Then I usually get one more container, whatever looks good that day.  Well today, it was oven-roasted turkey AND buffalo chicken.  Oh, YUM!  I tried the buffalo chicken about 6 months ago, when it first came out.  It was some kind of seasonal special or something.  At the time, I also bought giant burrito-sized tortillas, and then made wraps with the chicken.  I put down lettuce and tomato, then the chicken, which I then smothered in Frank's hot sauce.  I then added some crumbled bleu cheese, and rolled the whole thing up.  OMG, my mouth is watering just thinking about that!!

I've been DYING for that chicken ever since, but they never had it again.  Well, that is until about 2 weeks ago.  The package says "specialty flavor," so I hope that doesn't mean it'll be going away again.  Now, instead of using tortillas, I've been making lettuce wraps, and man, they're just as awesome.  It's my favorite lunch lately.

Ok, what else was on that list?  Oh, yeah, cream.  I actually remembered the half&half for my coffee, as well as a gallon of milk.  I also grabbed a log of goat cheese, some fresh mozzarella and some baby swiss. That just leaves the produce.  Here's where I went a little overboard.  Take a peek.

These are the two kinds of grape tomatoes we like around here.  Last Saturday, I bought one of each, and by Wednesday, they were gone.  Stud likes to eat them like candy, which is fine by me!  I got an extra package this week, which naturally means he won't eat ANY, and I'll be throwing them away by next weekend.
 I picked up a package of avocados, which, let's face it, you can never have enough of, right?  Magnum and I put them in our salad, in our soup, and in our wraps.  I've been known to just split them and eat them with a spoon.
 Last week, I bought a big bag of Anjou pears, since I LOVE pears!  My breakfast almost everyday this week was a pear, diced up, with crumbled goat cheese over it.  YUM!!!  Anyway, turns out, Stud likes pears now, too.  Who knew?!  He worked his way through the bowl all week.  However, every time he would be peeling his pear, he would remark that he wished I had bought apples.  SO, this weekend, I bought both.
All three of us have become a bit obsessed with Cuties.  I always buy them at Sam's, but some weeks we run out before I can get back there, so we also pick them up at Aldi.  This week, I bought two bags.  Again, that probably means I'll be throwing some out. >:(

Something else I always make sure to have in the house for my Monkey is (duh!) bananas.  Yeah, Stud and Magnum like 'em, too, but I make sure they're here for her.  Don't tell them that.
Take a look at my VERY overcrowded island, where all these things are kept.  I should take another picture in about 3 days, so you can see what a dent Stud puts in this spread.
 Now, that's the stuff that doesn't have to go in the fridge.  There's more that DOES have to be kept in the fridge though.  (I TOLD you I went overboard!)

Sam's sells these chopped salad "kits" that Magnum just adores. 
One is an Asian salad, with green cabbage, savoy cabbage, carrots, green onion, cilantro (which is why I don't eat it!) wonton noodles & sliced toasted almonds, along with a sesame ginger slaw dressing.  The dressing is awesome!  I REALLY wish they didn't put cilantro in this mix, because all the rest is awesome!

The other kit is a garden vegetable salad.  It has broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, carrots & crumbled bacon, with a slaw dressing.  I freakin' LOVE this one!!

Another thing I always get is big pack of mixed spring greens.  Magnum basically lives on salad, so this goes pretty quickly.  It's too big of a pack to get two, though, so I usually have to make an Aldi run by the end of the week.  I also grabbed a bag of mini cukes for Stud. 
 I can't wait to use this!  I picked up some peeled, cubed butternut squash. 
 My sister made some last week, and I've been craving it ever since.  She bought a regular squash, though, instead of this conveniently prepared stuff.  One of these is actually for her.  I'm going to toss it with olive oil, fresh cracked pepper and sea salt, then I'm going to roast it in the oven.  I'd REALLY like to make soup, but I'm not sure.  I'm afraid I'll end up making it a little too rich, with butter and cream.  Mmmmm....

Another standard weekly purchase is strawberries.  I took a gamble on these, too, this week and picked up two packs.  These will NOT get thrown out, I guarantee.  Magnum loves strawberries, even more than I do, and we usually bring a bowl of them into the bedroom when we're ready to relax and settle in for the night.  The red grapes next to them are also a weekly purchase.  They're a bit expensive, though, so I stuck to one box for the week.  Between Stud and me, we can eat the whole box in one sitting.  We're gluttons.
I somehow missed taking a picture of the mushrooms I bought.  Every week, I bring home two big boxes of sliced white mushrooms.  Stud LOVES mushrooms.  The other night, I made both boxes, sauteed in olive oil and garlic, then covered in a yummy layer of melted Havarti cheese.  How many times can I type YUM today?!  Stud ate about 90% of it.  I'm lucky I got to taste them.

And there you go!  If you're still here, you really are a glutton for punishment.  Speaking of gluttons, I think I'm ready to go wash some grapes and strawberries, and retire to my warm and cozy bed. 

Night, night, my bloggy buddies!!


Clippy Mat said...

I completely enjoyed reading all about your shopping list. And I love the idea of the pears with crumbled goat cheese. Sounds lovely. You have a very healthy diet, no wonder you're dropping those lbs!

Jim said...

You guys eat really well! Lots of fruits and veggies! That's what 'they' say is best! and protein of course.
I know exactly what you mean Lisa about cilantro! I have tried to acquire a taste for it but there is just something about it that doesn't agree with me.
I wasn't bored at all....I love food and everything about it!!

jlo said...

Now I'm starving...

Melanie said...

That is a lot of produce. But I also buy nearly that much - and eat most of it myself!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You just made an entire post out of your shopping list. If I lived closer, I'd come over and flick you in the ear. Then I would propmtly remove half of the contents of your island for my own keeping. :) LOL
We buy the same stuff. except for the premade salad mixes. I've never tried those.
Congrats on you all eating better!!! I think it is time for you to post a picture of your smoking hot self!!!!