Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silly Saturday

Today  I got to spend time with my Monkey AGAIN!  I went to my parents' with Stud after the gym to hang out for a while and play.  She's so hilarious, she just keep us in stitches all day.  She's a little parrot and repeats EVERYTHING you say to her.  I love this age.  I need to start taking video when she does it.  Usually I'm too busy laughing to grab my phone.

We didn't stay the whole time Monkey was there because Stud had plans with one of his friends.  He went out with George for dinner at their favorite Chinese buffet place.  It's actually way more than just a Chinese buffet.  It's HUGE, and has many different kinds of food.  One big buffet table is all Mexican food, one is Italian, one is "American" [hots dogs, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, etc.] and there are a few that are Asian.  There's also a dessert table, and ice cream.  I know there's more that I'm forgetting, but you can see why they love this place.  This is the place I mentioned before that has the spinach Stud LOVES, so he was happy.

Anywhoodle, Stud left as soon as George came over, and I made dinner for Magnum.  Really, the main reason I cooked is because I had pork chops in the fridge that needed to either be cooked or frozen today, and I was feeling too lazy to properly prepare them for the freezer.  So instead, I oven roasted the entire family pack from Sam's.  Oh, don't worry, they won't go to waste.  Magnum will eat when he gets home, and Stud will probably eat one or two later tonight.  Whatever is left will be lunch tomorrow.

I'm going to enjoy the quiet going on in my house right now.  Like I said, Magnum is working, Stud is out, the chops are in the oven, salad is made, veggies are ready, so I can go sit for a while.  Oo, I just flipped on the TV, and Dream Girls is on!  Guess I'm outta here!

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