Monday, February 25, 2013

Monkey Monday

Monday, February 25, 2013
Do you think you would enjoy being a "sex symbol?"

Yes, I enjoy it very much, thank you!!

I got to spend the morning with my Monkey again!!  But, unfortunately, it's because something was wrong with my brother's car.  He called just as I was leaving for the gym to see if I could meet him at the mechanic.  From there we went to our parents' to pick them up and go to breakfast.  We went back to the place Bestest Friend and I went to yesterday.  None of them had been there before, either.  We were NOT disappointed!  Monkey kept us in stitches the whole time, of course.

The other day I met my brother and Monkey for breakfast near his house.  (Yeah, can you tell my brother LOVES to go out for breakfast!?  It's an almost everyday thing with him!)  Since I swapped out my hash browns for fresh fruit with my omelet, as usual, I had lots of fruit to share with her.  I introduced her to honeydew, which she LOVED!  She was doing the funniest thing, and I so wish I had taken a video!!  Every time I gave her a piece, I'd say something like, "Mmm, honeydew!" in a silly voice, which she then repeated, of course.  But, in addition to the silly voice she was using, she was making this hilarious, scrunched up face!  Man, I wish I had a picture, of better yet, video of it.  Then, at one point, every time she said "Honeydew!" for me, my brother would say, "Honey, don't!" and she repeated that, too.  She's just too cute.  This morning she, once again, ate all my honeydew, and loved every bite!

After we left the restaurant this morning, we went back to my parents' house.  Monkey was MORE than ready for a nap, so I didn't stay.  I'm thinking about going back there now, since her mommy is working late tonight, so my brother will be there for a while still.  Then again, I should probably think about making something for dinner, since Stud will be home from school in about an hour.  Decisions, decisions....Go play with Monkey, or make dinner?  Hmmmm.....This is gonna be tough.....


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Only if I could be a sex symbol in my yoga pants!

Stephanie said...

LOL I always choose play....right after breakfast of course:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

It's hard being a sex symbol. Or so I'm told. :)