Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Mae West described sex as "emotion in motion." Unpack this idea in a post.

I had never heard this before, but I like it!  She's got a point there.  Good job, Mae!
I don't know what the hell "unpack this idea" means, so I'm just going to leave it at that.

I went to visit a friend today at one of my favorite schools from last year.  She called me over the weekend to ask if she could borrow my Dr. Seuss books this week to use as part of her celebration, as his birthday is Saturday.  I miss doing that with the babies.  But, NOT enough to go back. ;-)

Anyway, when I was getting dressed to go, I was reminded of something I meant to share a few weeks ago.  It's actually really silly, and I debated whether or not to even mention it.  But, by now, you all know I'm a goofball, so I figured, what the hell!

I have a pair of boots that I bought myself several years ago.  They're black, high-heeled, and pretty cute.  I don't know why the hell I even bought them, other than to replace what used to be my favorite boots ever.  I used to call them my "salsa boots," since I wore them out almost every weekend when my friends and I would go dancing.

Anyway, those finally bit the dust, after MANY years of loyal service, and so I bought this new pair.  However, I never ended up wearing them.  First, I bought these back when I was really suffering from my plantar fasciitis.  There was NO way I could wear heels. 

Second, and the biggest problem, was that I .....couldn't zipper them.  There, I said it.  I couldn't zipper the damn things!  I could only get the zipper up about an inch, just enough to keep the boots on my feet.  I figured no one would ever know, since my pants would cover the boots anyway.  But, it still bugged me that they didn't really fit, thanks to my pudgy calves.  Over the holidays, I finally wore the boots a few times, and was able to zip them about half-way up, which was exciting!  Plus, the fact that I was wearing HEELS was pretty damn exciting, as well.  It's amazing what dropping some LBs will do to ease your aches and pains. ;-)

Yeah, well, a few weeks ago, when I worked at the bar for the party my brother threw for his employees, I wore those boots.  (And, yeah, STUPID choice of footwear, when you're on your feet, slinging drinks and serving food, for HOURS!  But, I digress...)  But, this time, when I put them on, and tugged at the zipper, THEY ZIPPED ALL THE WAY UP! 

So, yeah, that's the little tidbit of exciting news I've been meaning to share with you.  I know, I'm a dork.  But you love me anyway!!


karen gerstenberger said...

Congratulations! Photos?

Stephanie said...

This is NOT dorky news!! This is sexy, honest, fun and fabulous news! An awesome pair of boots can lift your spirits and put spring in your step. So glad yours sound like they are doing both. Now where are the pictures!?

Jim said...

Dork? No way Lisa!
That must have felt SO good to pull that zipper all the way up! All your hard work is paying off, kid! Keep up the good work!

Clippy Mat said...

THAT (zipping boots all the way up) is on a par with winning an OSCAR in my book. I know exactly what you mean. Congrats.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your new theme song: These boots are made for walking.
Or dancing.
Or anythinging.
I'm so happy for you! This is a huge accomplishment and you've worked hard for it!!!