Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Funny Valentine

Ok, I know I already did my post for today, but I just had to share my Valentine's Day gift. 

I got a call bright and early this morning, asking if I would like to spend the day with a certain little Monkey.  Well, is the Pope Catholic?!

We had a delightful morning of play before she literally fell asleep in her highchair while eating a cracker!  Hahaha!!  She looked like this for the next THREE hours!
The poor baby still isn't feeling so hot.  She started yawning around 10am, and I thought I was going to get her to sleep then, but she got a second wind, and played for a while, before she fell asleep around 11.  While she slept, I was able to work out and then shower, so that was kinda nice.

Her mommy sent her with a pretty cute shirt today.

That monkey was part of her Valentine's Day gift from us.  I had bought her a sock monkey at Christmas time that she LOVED.  Sadly, we lost it at Sam's Club last week.  So, now she has a new "baby."

She was actually wearing a "pretty" today.  "Pretty" is her word for jewelry.  My mom bought this bracelet for her on their last cruise (about 2 weeks ago).  It has a little dolphin on it, which is perfect since she's currently obsessed with "fishies."
Her daddy actually came to pick her up today, instead of me taking her to her mommy.  We all played for a little while, and she watched Little Mermaid for the second time today.  She's really loving her beanbag, and dragged it into position when I asked her if she wanted to watch the movie.  I don't know why she looks so uncomfortable, but I swear she wasn't!

Look how cute she was when she was ready to leave!!  (Yes, I know the first one is completely blurry.)

I'm not sure where the new backpack came from, but I couldn't resist putting it on her, and making her carry her own "stuff."  I wish I had brought my phone outside with me when I walked them to the car.  She looked so freakin' adorable, walking down the driveway, holding her daddy's hand, carrying her stuff. :P

Here's what I ended up throwing together for dinner tonight.  I hadn't anticipated having Monkey all day, so dinner was really just an afterthought.

I made our usual salad.  We can, and do, eat it almost every single night.  Mixed greens, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and feta.
I put the cucumbers in a separate bowl tonight because I really can't eat them anymore.  For the past few years, they've been killing me, coming back on me for HOURS after I eat them.  It makes me really sad, because I LOVE cucumbers. :(
I dressed them with the same dressing as the salad - olive oil, red wine or balsamic vinegar (whatever I'm feeling that night) salt, fresh cracked black pepper and crushed garlic. I put it all in a small jelly jar, and shake the bejeezus out of it.

For my little Stud Muffin, I made spinach, sauteed in olive oil, with lots of thinly sliced garlic. 
That boy could eat spinach every night if I made it.  There's a restaurant nearby that he goes to with his friend specifically because there's a spinach dish on the buffet that he loves.

I did serve shrimp, like I said I was going to, but I did absolutely nothing to it.  Thankfully, it was fully cooked, so all I had to do was thaw it under running water for a while. 
We just dipped it in cocktail sauce.  We basically had giant shrimp cocktails for dinner!

We enjoyed some strawberries for dessert.  I snapped a picture of them to show you, because they were HUGE, but I realized after I put it here, that you can't tell how big they are.  I should have put something next to them to serve as a reference.  You can sort of tell, as that's a paper towel, not a napkin, that they're on here.  Well, trust me, they were about as big as my palm!  Man, I would have LOVED it if these had been dipped in chocolate. :(
 And, there you go.  Thanks for letting me bore you with our dinner!  I hope you all had/have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and that you spent it with the ones you love.


Jack said...

Hi, Chi! I'd wish you a happy Valentine's, but it looks like you already had one. Today is Kris' birthday. He's the little premie. Turned six today. Spent the afternoon over here opening presents, and is sitting here playing some stupid video game as I write this. So I guess we had a pretty good day, too!

Take care o' yerself, matey! Arrrrgh...

Little Chef On The Prairie said...

Precious pictures captured!!! I love how you capture life. :)

Your food looks awesome.

How is Stud doing?

Melanie said...

Girl, you are kicking it with the good foods. I want one of your Greek salads! I'm sorry about you and cucumbers. They are one of my faves too.

And that baby with her "pretty" on her chubby baby wrist? Be still my heart!

I am a bit overhung from VDay, but it was good. The boys had a blast, we had a blast, we all slept like dead dogs. For different reasons.

Susan said...

Have you tried English aka hothouse cucumbers? Much longer and skinnier than regular cukes, skin is so thin you don't need to peel. Seedless and delish! Happy V day, Skinny!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

What a great Valentine's Day surprise!

M said...

Can I come to your house for dinner? Mmmmm- too bad about the cucumbers...I love them too...take them for snack at work almost everyday.

And that kid...oh my she gets cuter every photo you post!