Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why is this going to be a great day?

Because when I turned my computer on, my weather widget said 28. Yep, 28. I believe the weather guy just said our wind chill factor is actually at 18. Can you see my smile from there?

**8:00pm update**
This is going to have to serve at today's NaBloPoMo post, cuz today's prompt is too stupid! BTW, it was snowing on my way home from work. JOY!


Mark said...

You are kidding, right?

karen gerstenberger said...

All I can say is, you live in the right place for your weather preferences! I would NOT like that kind of cold, and it's only November. It's down in the 30s here at night and that is very chilly, to me!
Hawaii is my kind of place...or WA, in the summer! ;) I'm so glad that you're happy about your weather.

M said...

Better you than me! Ihad my fill with -12 degree weather when I lived in Utah.

Nana said...

I love the cold and love snow, too. Having lived in Fairbanks, Juneau, Anchorage years ago, I hadn't realized how much I missed the snow (living in Seattle) until a vac at Whistler, BC. We are kindred spirits!