Sunday, November 6, 2011

A little taste of cuteness...

I was able to find just a few photos of Stud as a baby. There were only a few envelopes of photos in the first drawer I checked, and they’re all from his first year. I spent too much time looking at them that I’ve now put myself hours behind schedule. I can't look for any more because I have a house full of family coming for dinner in a few hours, and I still need to go to the store before I can start cooking. Eesh!

I came across this photo of my brother and Stud on his first Christmas. Stud was 7 weeks old, and my brother was the same age Stud is now! He looks like such a baby. Stud is wearing an official Chicago Bulls Starter warm-up suit that my dad’s boss gave him for his 1st Christmas. He also received a pair of Air Jordan’s from his godfather, but I don’t think he’s wearing them in this photo.crop 4

These are a few of my favorite pictures of Stud. He’s about 9 weeks old here. These were taken in the bathroom (obviously!) of our old apartment.

crop 1

crop 2crop 3I LOVE this picture of Stud and his grandpa. He’s 12 weeks old here.crop 5

These are from Stud’s 9 month photo session. He was just SUCH a happy baby! I also took some of him in a Sox outfit for his daddy, but since Mommy is a Cub’s fan, I’m only posting these!

crop 8crop 9

These are a couple of shots from his 1 year photos. I could just eat him up!

crop 6crop 7

OK, time to get OFF this computer and get moving. How does oven-roasted chicken and potatoes, caprese salad and a tossed salad sound? Grandma’s making pasta salad, and Dad ordered an atomic cake from his favorite bakery. If you’re in the area, stop by!


karen gerstenberger said...

He's been cute from the get-go. I love these photos. Dinner? I'll be right over!

Clippy Mat said...

That is one cute boy! And his momma's cooking sounds awesome. Can I come? I'll sit next to Karen. We'll bring the wine.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Just a lil FYI and don't share with SM...he looks exactly the same. BUT bigger. darn cute.
and that letter down below? Why must you do that to us? Oh, you were doing it to HIM??
*wiping away tears*
Have a beautiful birthday dinner.

M said...

OMG! He looks exactly the same!
My son's b-day is this month too...but he looks nothing like his baby pictures...he was a 10# toe-head...and is now a dark-brown-haired full bearded 19 year old!

Enjoy the day...wish I was there to feast...and it is probably warmer than it is here!

M said...

Yep..just checked your blog again and it's 55 there....48 here :( said...

You knowvi would pop in if I was in the neighborhood!!! Lol stud looks so cute! He looks the same, only bigger! And of course your brother.....need I say more? Lol have a fun day! Is it your birthday? Tomorrow is chris'!!! She's gonna be pretty old, like 100 or summit like that! Haha

Well have a wonderful day and if it's your birthday, happy happy wonderful birthday too!!! Love ya!! Xxxxxx ooooo

Mark said...

Love those cheeks!

Mary A. said...

OMG does that just seem like weeks ago? He was a beautiful baby. That's why he's so dang good looking now.

You did good!