Monday, November 14, 2011


Monday, November 14, 2011
I was terrified to go on DWTS, but facing my fear and overcoming it has been an incredible experience. Have you faced fears and overcome them?(Guest Prompt by Ricki Lake, who can be found on Facebook or Twitter @RickiLakeShow)

I think this has been answered by me before. Truthfully, I think it may have even been a NaBloPoMo prompt before. I'll spare you all the trouble of having to read it all again, and just give you the short answer.

The biggest fear I've faced, and then overcome, came right after I made the decision to throw out my husband. I had a 1 1/2 year old baby, a big mortgage on a house that we hadn't even been in a year, and NO JOB, since I quit working about 6 weeks before this to stay home with my baby. What is it they say? We make plans, and God laughs? Boy, that must have been a real knee-slapper for Him, huh? Obviously, my fear was about how the hell was I going to take care of this baby. Well, here we are, more than 16 years later, and in the big picture, my life is pretty darn good.

I think that's all I need to say about this one. Again, most of you have already read the long answer. If you missed it, I'm sorry. Feel free to dig through the archives to find it. Frankly, I wouldn't waste my time.


Jason, as himself said...

A big yay for you and your difficult decision! You are a strong, successful woman!

Mark said...

Thanks for the short answer.
Yep, looks like you made it. Do you think I should throw out my husband too since it worked out so well for you? But if I did, who would feed me?

La Roo said...

That takes some strength that a lot of people don't have. They end up miserable for the rest of their lives. I would rather be happy and poor than miserable and have money and be miserable.
Your the bomb! You've got to know that.