Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This makes me wish I lived 5 minutes from O'Hare, instead of Midway. Amusingly enough, right around this time, Stud said he thought it was snowing outside, but I told him I thought it was just drizzle. Things that make you go hmmm...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes?

I was pretty young when I realized this one. It was mainly because every single one of my friends always LOVED to come to my house. Anyone who's ever spent any time around real Italians understands this one. Our house was always the one where everyone was welcome. You could barely get in the door before someone was hugging you and shoving something delicious in your face, yelling "Mangia! Mangia!". There was usually music playing, and people singing and/or dancing. There was always laughter, LOTS of laughter.

I'm not at ALL saying that my friends didn't come from loving homes of their own. They were just different, that's all. You often hear kids who say, "I wish I could live at so-and-so's house." Well, we were always the "so-and-so" in that sentence. None of us ever said that, that's for sure.


Pissed Off said...

My son's best friend is Italian and quite frankly we are very jealous of all the time he spent with that family. He still talks about Sunday meals and goes over whenever he is home.

Nana said...

My daughter, Whatever Katy, has a house like you grew up in, totally kid friendly. Those of us from British heritage are in awe.