Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holy Snowly!

My throat is hurting right now because I just spent the last 5 minutes SCREAMING. Screaming because, as Stud and I were cuddled up in my bed, playing Chess with Friends, I happen to glance out my bedroom window and saw --- SNOW!!! I took video for you on my iPod, but for some reason stupid Blogger isn't letting me upload it. Damn Blogger. I'm so geeked up right now, I can't control myself. I feel like doing cartwheels, but I don't feel like spending the night in the emergency room, seeing as tomorrow is a holiday, and want to enjoy this long weekend sans broken bones.

--ok, I'm trying it again. Now, I know it's only a few flakes, but they're big, fat, fluffy flakes. Those are my favorite. Actually, in the time it's taken me to put this stupid post together, the snow has already ceased, and the sun is brightly shining. But, that's ok. I'm still happy cuz, hey! It snowed today!!

--Oh for Pete's sake. I just watched this through the published blog, and it's really crap. I promise, it was snowing more than what I managed to catch with my iPod. Whatever. I'm still smiling. :)


La Roo said...

That's so cool. We never get snow. Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

Snow? And you were happy? What the fuck is wrong with you!? I DETEST snow and we got the same huge flakes here on the prairie.

Except when I saw them (at work), I said a very bad word.