Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, that's nice... there anything better than a 4-day weekend? Well, ok, yeah...a 5-day weekend, which is what the kids have, but hell, I'll take my 4-day weekend! I still feel like I'm trying to catch up from this past weekend. I'm actually STILL washing dishes and yes, crock pots, from the party.

We had left everything at the bar on Sunday, since it was so late, and we were all so incredibly tired. The plan was for Stud to go to the bar on Monday to clean, and then bring my stuff home. But, he ended up getting sick at the end of the night Sunday, and basically threw up all over the bathroom at the bar. (God bless him, he actually cleaned it all up himself!) Monday, he still wasn't feeling well, so he didn't go clean. I had a meeting to go to yesterday, so I didn't have to really work, so I drove him out to the bar to clean, then went back to get him. He and the other kid who cleans the bar loaded my truck full of all the nasty, dirty dishes and crock pots so I could take them home.

Hoooey! Talk about nasty! I had to drive with the windows down in the backseat because the smell was so overwhelming. I told Stud that as soon as we got home, I wanted him and Brian to unload the car so I could start washing the dishes. Well, when we got home, it was pouring rain, so he said they would get the stuff out before they went to bed.

Yeah, well, I bet you can guess how that went. They completely forgot. Truthfully, I completely forgot, too, until I got in the car this morning to go to work. Holy crap, my car was ripe!! Naturally, I was running late, so I didn't have time to unload anything. THEN, my car sat outside all day, with the sun beating in the windows. I can't even tell you what my car smelled like when I got in it after school.

I used my triple crock (spinach artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip, BBQ cocktail weenies), my big 6 qt. crock (some incredibly awesome cocktail meatball recipe from a friend of my sister), and my 1 1/2 qt. crock (chocolate fondue to go with dessert) at the party. Needless to say, I'm still washing things. Thankfully, I'm not cooking anything for tomorrow, so I can finish in the morning. The really smelly stuff has been washed, thank goodness!

On a related note, I was at my favorite store last night, and saw what I want Santa to bring me. I seriously almost melted in the aisle. Right up until I saw the $69 price tag. (And Walmart's price was way less than the $99.99 on the Crock Pot website!) Poop. Guess I'll just have to wait until after the holidays, when everything goes on sale.

I hope all my Bloggy Buddies have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. We are planning a very low-key day. I'll probably tell you a little about it tomorrow, just to be sure I fulfill my NaBloPoMo commitment. See you tomorrow!


Change for Good said...

LOL...sorry about the smell. :(

I love that crockpot. I love all things dip.

M said...

Oh the smells...blayck!
Crock pots rule!

Sandra said...

In Chicago, the sun was warm enough to heat up the caked on food on the dirty dishes??!!!
And it's black Friday, maybe you can get your heart-stopping item today.