Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh, happy day!!!

Cause of Happiness #1:

I did it!!! I successfully completed NaBloPoMo!! Sorry you had to read some of those 'posts,' but hey, I made a commitment, and I had to see it through!

Cause of Happiness #2: (The REAL one!)

Most of my Bloggy Buddies can imagine how un-freakin'-believably THRILLED I was to walk out of the Hell-Hole today, and see.......SNOW!!!! It was barely detectable, but it was snow, nonetheless. :)

I tried to capture it for you on the way home.

Yeah, I can't see it here, either.

I ran some errands after school, and it was dark when I got home. I decided to try and capture the flurries again. (Hey, I REALLY wanted to share it with my friends!)

Again, not so much, right?

Ah, but then Dorky Dog wanted to outside, and I realized I could finally get a good shot in my back door light.

Did you see it?!?! Isn't it beautiful?!?! I only wish it was snow snow. You know, the kind that sticks and covers the landscape with the most delightful white blanket....ah, soon enough!

Look at how cute those little flurries are on my recycling bin!
The flurries are supposed to continue all night, so maybe there'll be a little snow on the ground in the morning. You know damn well that if there is, I'll be photographing it for you ! ;-)

Thanks to all of you that stuck with me during NaBloPoMo. I appreciate all your love and support. (and hilarious comments!) I'm actually considering doing it again for December, especially since I'll be on vacation for nearly the entire month. I just don't know if I can subject you guys to another month my 'stuff.' Stay tuned....


jlo said...

Cool! We are actually having cold weather here too...well, cold for us! It hasn't gotten over 55 here all week. ;)

Katy said...

I love you even though you are a weirdo and love freezing white crap falling from the sky. And you give me a hard time for torturing my pooch. LOL

Keep writing!!! Those of us with homework to do need something to read when we're on break! :)

Clippy Mat said...

Well done Cheech. Proud of you. When you blog in December perhaps you can write about why a hot blooded Italian woman loves the cold and snow so much and is part penguin?
I don't get it!