Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm sick & tired of being sick & tired!

Whatever it is my body's been fighting for the past couple of weeks really got me last night. (That would explain the total BS post for last night, although it did make me smile.) I never got a break yesterday, thanks to a grade level meeting, which means I never ate lunch. I didn't have breakfast, either, because I was running really late, because I had to take Stud to school, which really threw off my whole morning. Because I was running late, I didn't have time to stop for coffee. The lack of caffeine did nothing to help my lack of energy. :(

I had to run a couple of errands right after school. But, I was so hungry, I didn't even get to finish them, as I started to get the shakes. I ended up calling Bestest Friend, who then met Stud and me at our favorite restaurant. We scarfed down anything that wasn't nailed down at our table, and then I raced home because a) I was exhausted and b) I had to make sure I was home in time for the Dancing with the Stars finale.

Well, I made it home by 6, which meant I had plenty of time to put my jammies on and get comfy in bed. Yeah....big mistake. I turned the TV on, started checking emails, posted yesterday's little story, and the last time I remember checking the clock, it was 6:45. That's all I remember. I think I passed out. I didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning!! Oh, I was so pissed!

I actually just finished watching DWTS online, so I'm all caught up, but that's not the point. I suppose I should just be glad that I was able to actually get 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep, right? Obviously, my body needed it. I still pretty much feel like crap today, though. I can NOT shake this cough, which like I said, I think is bronchitis. If I'm not better by Thanksgiving, I'll be going to see someone on Friday.

Holy cow, won't you be glad when NaBloPoMo is finally over, so you won't have to read all the boring details of my life?! Thanks, C, I know right now you're yelling at your computer that you LOVE reading this crap! hahaha! To the rest of you, I apologize.


Clippy Mat said...

I love reading this crap too.
(just kidding.)
I love all these little insights into your life so don't think they're boring at all. Sorry you feel so bad. DWTS final tonight. Get ready. If it's B.P. I will scream!

Sarahf said...

I love reading this crap too. Take care, and, with that schedule, start carrying snacks in your bag!

Pissed Off said...

Keep writing. I love it too.

Just Plain Tired said...

I hope you start to feel better very soon. Felling sick is no fun.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sounds like YOU needed some sleep. I can't wait till November is over because I am exhausted from life and posting daily. :)

Sandra said...

I'm just so impressed by you NaBloMo enthusiasts. IT takes so much determination and will power. And you're doing it! And you watch DWTS...when do you eat?

C said...

did you hear me yelling that i LOVE this crap? cuz i was... holy shit you are psychic and we have ESPN..

happy happy thanksgibbins [as me n jo say] to you and yours, my lil cheech.. i hope you feel better and have a fine day filled with love of family and great foods! you are never boring so dont worry so much.

whatya think bout jennifer gray winning DWTS. i never watch that show but i did tonite because i heard a load of palarva that bristol was getting death threats etc... because people thought she danced like crapola and was just winning cuz of who her mudder is.. and of course i had to know and see for meself. jennifer was the beast and deserved to win but what a crybaby she turned out to be. and the black guy looked like he was 12 years old and the hag he danced wiff looked like a hag skankola to me. omg i am being so judgemental arent i? i try so hard not to be but i am only human and screw up once in a blue moon.. lmao

jlo said...

Are you happy with who won DWTS?

Jason, as himself said...

You read my crap, I read yours. It's our little arrangement. :)

I'm sorry you've not been feeling well. It may be just a wild guess...but perhaps it is because you live in temperatures similar to the NORTH POLE!