Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm so tired...

...I almost blew NaBloPoMo! Like I mentioned yesterday, last night was Report Card Pick Up night at the Hell-Hole. It actually went much better than anticipated. I had 12 parents in before our lunch break, and another 9 after lunch. That's 21 out of 26. Not too shabby! And, out of the 5 babies whose parents didn't show, 3 were new students that I've received in the past week and a half, 1 was a student who's been out for the past 3 weeks, and the last one is a boy I had last year whose mother didn't step foot in the school ONCE last year. She didn't come to either Report Card Pick Up last year, either, so I wasn't that surprised she didn't show.

I put together this little "treat" for the parents who showed up.

It's just microwave popcorn, with a label I printed on my computer. Totally cute, right? And, it scored me some major brownie points with New Principal. However, I can't take all the credit. This was actually an idea I came across on another teacher blog (I'm so sorry, I don't remember which one) in the beginning of the year. I had planned to do it at Open House, but you may remember that my aunt passed away that week, so I wasn't at Open House. I was excited to do it for Report Card Pick Up night, and the parents loved it.

After the night ended at the Hell-Hole, I rushed straight to Stud's school (as much as you can rush a half-hour drive!) where he was waiting with a couple of friends. By the time I drove his friends home, we had just enough time to walk in the door, heat up some soup (yay for left-overs!) and walk right back out the door for our hair appointments. I picked up my sister on the way.

For some reason, she chose last night to make a big change. That translated into a VERY long night.

Stud got a haircut. I may have mentioned that when my girlfriend cut his hair a few weeks ago, it was seriously the BEST haircut he's every had. He LOVED it. She gave him a faux-hawk, which you may remember made it into his self-portrait. His hair grows so fast that, despite just getting it cut about 3 weeks ago, he was ready for a trim. I figured it was best to do it now, while it still had it's 'shape,' so my friend would remember how she cut it. (Our girlfriend who does our hair has been our friend since high school. She owns the salon we go to. We always tease her because she almost never remembers from one visit to the next what the hell she does to our hair! But, it always looks great. Every time she's ever cut Stud's hair, it's been different. I figured I'd try and help her keep this 'new' looks, since he liked it so much.)

Naturally, my girlfriend styled Stud's hair with all these different products, so it looked great when she was finished. But, like I said, thanks to my sister, we were there WAY longer than I would have liked, especially since Stud was with me. We didn't leave the salon until after midnight. By the time I drove my sister home, and pulled into our garage, it was nearly 1am. That would explain the fact that Stud looks a bit stoned in these pictures. And, his 'do drooped a bit by then. I was only going to post the two cutest ones, but then I realized, he can't take a bad picture. :) So, here's the whole photo shoot.

I love this one. I love how his eyes disappear when he's genuinely smiling.

Despite how excited the damn weathermen here got me, we didn't get any snow today. Damn. It did rain, though, on and off all day. I had to stay for a meeting after school today, and when I came out, the skies looked very stormy. It was just starting to rain again. The sky looked so crazy as I was driving home. To the south, it was pretty clear, to the north, it looked almost black. I took this picture from my car (don't worry, I was stopped at a red light!) facing east. I just couldn't believe how weird the sky looked. There were dark storm clouds, beautiful white, fluffy clouds, and the prettiest peek of sky blue, all in one place.
For the past few hours, it's been storming outside. The rain has been slamming into my bedroom window. It almost sounds like hail. Even though we didn't get snow during the day, the new predication is that it will come over night or tomorrow. I'm still holding out hope!

It's about 54 in my house right now. I'm cuddled up in bed, wrapped in....wait for it.... A SNUGGIE! Yes, I actually own one. Stop laughing! Stud and his dad bought it for me, I think almost as a joke, over the summer. It's zebra-striped! (Wait, I have TWO Snuggies, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow.) Being all snuggled up, with a storm going on outside, is just a perfect night to me.

Holy crap! After being worried about not having anything to write about for NaBloPoMo, so far these have been some of the longest posts I've ever written. Sorry about that...


Busy Bee Suz said...

It is so sad that some parents don't even care to pick up report cards.

Chi, SM is flippin' adorable. Love his do' him.
He looks JUST like you. But don't tell him...boys don't like that you know. :)
It rained all day here too...perhaps I will have snow tomorrow???

Sarahf said...

You'd think they'd come just for the popcorn, right?
I'm seriously considering a Snuggie, they just look so warm!

Change for Good said...

Stud looks great! He is so handsome!

I love your report card pick up idea. That was great!

Anonymous said...

The popcorn idea is great..wish I thought of that last year and the year before. My former crappy administrators used to revel in that parent stuff. Its the only thing they care about, appeasing the parents instead of taking the more serious concerns, behavior and school wide safety issues.

Clippy Mat said...

I wonder what kind of parent who never comes to the kid's school, is like at home. Shuddering at the thought. I can't believe you had to stay so long at the salon but your boy looks great. Very handsome.

karen gerstenberger said...

Great haircut on a great-looking young man - what a beautiful smile!
You are such a good teacher, to do those caring, kind things for your kiddos' parents. It must make them feel appreciated and loved. You are a gift in their lives!

Katie said...

No need to apologize. Your posts are great! I have to say I love the popcorn idea. We have parent/teacher conferences coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and I may try it.