Friday, November 26, 2010

Guess who had a great time at the concert....

Somebody LOVES his Mommy!!
I tried about 40 jabillion times to get a nice picture of us together on our Date Night. We took pictures at the concert. I had both of my parents try when we stopped at their house for left-overs on the way home from the concert. Stud and I tried the self-portrait route without much luck.
We finally gave up. At least I finally got one where you can see the teeth I spent nearly $6,000 for!!

I took a LOT of pictures at the concert, and a couple of snips of video.
Date Night was awesome!!!


karen gerstenberger said...

You two are the best friends. I love seeing that. It looks like you were having a BLAST! Happy Thanksgiving to you & Stud!

M said...

WoW! Glad you had a great time!!! I knew it would be awesome!

Busy Bee Suz said...

How wonderful...I love all the photos. You are such an awesome Mom!!!

jlo said...

Great pictures. I hope my girls still love me when they are teens! xoxo

C said...

my fave is picture numero quatro... como esta usted? hahahaha lmao thats about the only spanish i know!!!! i know you are italian but i keep thinkin you be spanish, girl!

youre one of those peeps who can go either way with your skin tone... you are SO cute, and i still think stud looks like my christophe!

i do love siberian orches. they were here about 3 weeks ago!

drive safely on your lil trip..

Change for Good said...

What a great date night....and I'd say he easily has a $50,000 grand smile! You got it at a bargain! You look adorable together.

That group is coming to Louisville....It looks amazing!