Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Sketches (and other stuff)

I haven't posted any of Stud Muffin's art lately. I know I posted about this project he's been working on in the past. I never came back and shared the last 3 sins. I haven't scanned them yet, but when I do, I'll show you them individually. In the meantime, I'll show you these shots.

He had asked for my input on how to put the final project together. He wanted to just mount them on a piece of white poster board.I suggested he use red poster board, as I thought it would make the red in the drawings pop. We took these two photos and emailed them to his teacher. Gee...guess which one she liked.... And he thinks I don't have a creative bone in my body. HA!

He was trying to decide what to 'frame' the drawings with, and decided on a totally cool idea. He's going to write various Bible passages that are relevant to each Deadly Sin, scrolling the writing around each drawing.

I thought it would be really cool to trim the drawings, leaving a small border of white, and then mounting them on a black background. I thought it would look really cool on the red background. He ran the idea past his teacher, and she wholeheartedly agreed.

I helped Stud trim the drawings and mount them on black mats that I cut from a poster board. Maybe you can click on it to enlarge it and see the three pictures I haven't posted yet.

This is how I would arrange them on the poster board.
This is how Stud is going to mount them.
He has almost all the passages picked out of the Bible, and he's going to start writing them tomorrow. He is going to do something really cool with the writing. Many moons ago, he invented a special kind of writing, like a code, that he uses in some of his game designing. He told his teacher that he wants to write the passages in both English and his own 'language.' Surprisingly, she thought it was a good idea. I'm really curious to see how it turns out in the end.

I actually got something accomplished today besides helping Stud with his art. This is 'his' tree in the basement. I wish you could enlarge it enough to see the ornaments. These are all ornaments he's received as gifts since birth. He's got quite a collection already. Obviously, he has enough to decorate a whole tree! (Every year, my mother, sister and I give him a personalized ornament. My grandmother always gave him an ornament, as well.)
This is 'my' tree upstairs. I had intended to decorate it exclusively with my penguin ornaments. (I have enough to decorate at least two trees!) However, I was feeling far too lazy to dig the boxes out of the garage, so I only used the ornaments I already had in the house from last Christmas. It's a combination of a few penguins, and all of my 'teacher ornaments.' Again, too bad you can see them. Maybe I'll get a burst of energy this week, and I'll dig those other boxes out and add the penguins to the tree.
Wow, it's WAY past my bedtime. It was so glorious to have these past 4 days off. And, hey, I only have to get through the next 2 weeks before we go on Christmas Break. Woo-freakin'-hoo!!! I'll be off from Dec. 10-Jan. 3. I can NOT wait!!!! Maybe between now and then I'll find a way to not go back. (Yeah, it's gotten THAT bad!) Maybe I'll find another job. Or, I'll win the lottery. Or, as my uncle suggested last night, maybe I'll find a rich boyfriend. HA! Like I told him, it wouldn't be worth the hassle!!


C said...

oh my god! lisa, i am so impressed with studs art that i like want to have copies! he is not only good at the drawings of it, but the imagination and creativity is fucking astounding to say the least! and i can wait to see the frames... with scriptures.. wowsie wow wow.. as josie and the pussycats would say!!

i am so serious, he best do something with his talent, it would be such a waste! and he makes up his own language? how creative is that!!!

you must be so proud of him, i know i am and i dont even know the lil fella.. yet.

i seriously would like a picture copy of his poster when its done, thats how impressed i am.


you have done a wonderful wonderful job of raising that guy and he will make such a difference...

good job mAmA!


hey my word verif. is "plumpers" as in thats what my digits look like afte i have been on me feet all day! lmao

PLUMPERS! for some reason i found it hilarious!

jus sayin....

Busy Bee Suz said...

His artwork is amazing!!! I love it mounted on the red, and his way is my way too. :)
The tree's look did a lot this weekend.
Take care, Suz

blueviolet said...

I love his sketches. He has talent!!!

The decorations look great!!!

karen gerstenberger said...

He's so talented! Everything looks fabulous - his drawings, the presentation board, the tree & lights.

Susan said...

You have quite an amazing artist there!!

Perhaps it's just the lighting but it looks like there's a giant penis waving next to your tree. I'm sure it's the lighting, and something else all together but I'm going to call it The Christmas Penis. Amen.

Clippy Mat said...

Well he's a talented guy, but I wouldn't expect anything less. He's got a good mother. Well done for getting the trees up. I've just spent 4 hrs doing mine and the rest of the house is trashed with decorations and boxes and I'm too tired to do anywhere else.

M said...

Holy Smokes it's Christmas there!! Looks great!!

I have to get a better look at the drawings on my other computer...this one doesn't enlarge them enough for me to appreciate them...I will comment again when I can get a better look :)

miss r said...

Teach online. YAY! Then you can bake while you teach. Mmmm I wish I lived closer. hehe